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B5 merchandise collection.

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I was wondering what kind of B5 merchandise you guys have.

I have got a whole bunch of the comics, 3 of the original 9 books, none of the goods ones.

The Psi Corps Trilogy, the first 2 books of the Centauri Trilogy, and a Black Omega model on the way and 4 of the 6" figurines.

So what do you guys have?

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-- Rev. Dexter in Babylon 5:"And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place"
Hmmn thinking

ah ok I have a set of babylon 5 playing cards.

A keyring of the bab 5 logo

books: To Dream in city of Sorrow, all centauri trilagy, all psi corp trilagy, The a-z guide to babylon 5, first book in technomage tilagy(hopfully tromorrow or next day 2nd book will be in my hands).

Also some of the Babylon 5 magazine's about 10 2 of them have short stories.

All of babylon 5 and crusade video's and tv-movies.

Got a Bester figure it is from series 4.

Um a autographed Delenn picture signed by Mira

Photos of CGI stuff ships and station.

Soon to have In Valens name set of comics .

Also looking for stuff allopt of the time now when I can aford and is not to inconveniant.

Thats what I have don't think I missed anyhting.


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All I have at the moment is a couple of the Starfury model kits, one of which is painted in the Presidential Escort colours, and the book "Creating Babylon" or some such.

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