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Hi all,

in case its not been mentioned before, quizshow MASTERMIND tonight will feature B5 seasons one and two as part of the specialist subject round. The program starts at 8pm BBC2.


So does that mean those questions will get to American TV game shows in a few years? :LOL:

Only if you have a quiz show that asks questions at Masters Degree level.

Does any one know when they will be repeating this episode of Mastermind?
They don't usually repeat this, but the questions should be up on the BBC cult page soon.

I scored more than her actually, although I can't believe I got Sinclair's birthday wrong.
They don't usually repeat this, but the questions should be up on the BBC cult page soon.

I forget to post my &%# replies!

Anyway: Could you please let us know when and where (link) is's up?!

/I am Sheridan
The questions are quite the mix of the trivially easy to the absurdly hard, just as they should be. I also got only 16, but at least the ones I missed were the ones I would, have guessed I would miss (specific dates and numbers, plus Jinxo's real name!)
They can be found here.

The answers are here.

There are some quite tough ones actually.

Thanks a lot!
I scored 11 of which 4 was from the unused questions.

Really intersting. I have been involved in making several B5 trivias, but this is the first time I've done one myself (except for this one (which is far too easy)).

Great fun!

Then, I am Sheridan
I lost out totally. Very hard.
Is it me or did the person who came up with those only check out Seasons 1+2??

I'm guessing the probably used the series guide reference books to help draw them up....
I have worked out why only the first two seasons were used. Mastermind has several rounds. The next round would have had questions on Season 3. Season 5 may have supplied the questions for the finale.
Hi All,

Further to the TV theme:

Some of you might have noticed that Kosh was voted in the top ten Aliens list on Sky One last night...

No prizes for guessing which bug eyed, odd fingered little chap was the nation's favourite alien though.
Can't remember 'em all; Alien Queen was in there, with Dr Who, Chewbacca, Spock, Shapeshifter from Space 1999... Only caught the end, with the round up. Sorry!

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