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B5 literature

No new ones at this time. Del Rey will be republishing some of the out-of-print Dell novels, starting at the end of this year. First up is The Shadow Within by Jeanne (Technomage Trilogy) Cavelos. Next will come To Dream in the City of Sorrows by Kathryn M. Drennan (who wrote "By Any Means Necessary", and happens to be married to JMS.) These are the only ones from the original group endorsed as mostly "canon" by JMS.

Del Rey was also considering an anthology of B5 short fiction, to contain all of the short stories that previously appeared in B5 Magazine and Amazind Stories, along with newly commissioned tales to fill the volume out to book length. But I haven't heard anything about project in months.

JMS is also working on a graphic novel, a story that would feature Sheridan and Sinclair on Mars, but that, too, is something that hasn't been mentioned in awhile.

Depending on what happens with Rangers (which will influence the chances of a B5 feature film), JMS has also said that the long-delayed Telepath War story could be told in a TV movie or even in a novel. (Previously he's rejected both those options, since he would prefer to do that story on the big screen, and has been saving it for that very reason.)



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