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B5: Legend of the Rangers


So as we all know, this fine tv-movie has been released in Region 2 area and we also know that the cover on that movie was pretty awful. Anyway, today I finally got my copy of it (I love Play.com) and guess what, it had totally different cover, it resembles Season 1 of B5 actually.

Anyway, without further ado:

Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers
Geo, I think you must've missed something. There was a picture that was kinda squashed that everyone thought was awful, but it turned out not to be the real cover. This was the cover we saw after that pic, but it was missing the "5"
Darn. Now I must say only one word, ouch. Well, on the other news, I didn't saw that other picture... but yeah, thanks for the info anyway.
The crap looking cover was apprently the VHS cover, I read somewhere. A short while ago the proper DVD cover surfaced (minus the B5 logo, as mentioned above), but I guess you just missed it.

This may have implications for the Complete Universe boxset I'm planning on getting soon, I venture to hope. Since the new cover is clearly designed to match the series boxset covers, maybe the packaging on the other DVDs in the set might be updated and brought in line with the series boxes? And if work *is* being done on the individual boxes (as opposed to just taking all the existing boxes and packaging them together in a bigger box), maybe the Gathering and In The Beginning will feature the commentaries that they're missing in the original R2 releases? Very tenuous connections, I know, I'm just an optimist, I suppose. :)