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b5 itb dvd


i recently purchased the babylon 5 dvd and i have a couple of concerns ...
1. it stated that it was in widescreen but when i encoded it on my pc its obviously in 16:9 ratio but when i have compared it to some screen shots from the b5 spoiler junkies page , it seems that a bit at the top is cut out and a bit from the bottom is off aswell .. Could this be that it wasn`t in the right ratio it was recorded in and they didnt want to put it in the correct ratio to save time or money ? Anyway i have captured some shots of the dvd using virtualdub and put them on a web page and see what you think of them . Could it be a vcd ? b5 dvd pics
A bit is cut off from the top and/or bottom as compared to the 1.33:1 broadcast version - and a bit is added to each side. (In the live action scenes. The CGI shots are matted to 1.78:1, as was always planned.)

Your screen caps aren't much use because you don't have any comparisons to the 1.33:1 version - which would show all of the differences between the two versions. B5 wasn't "shot in widescreen". It also wasn't shot at 1.33:1. It was shot using the Super35 process, and both the 1.33:1 and 1.78:1 versions are extracted from the Super35 frame. See Bart Barenbrug's excellent discussion of the whole B5 widescreen process. His site does include side-by-side comparisons of the 1.33:1 and 1.78:1 frames.


After reading the link provided by Joe, you may wish to examine the following approximate illustration depicting the Super 35 framing process.

Destination frame is always some subset of the Super 35 source frame. Depending on creative considerations, it may depict any area of the source frame compatible with target dimensions and aspect ratio. Zooming and resizing are possible, as long as constraints are respected.

With B5, shots containing CGI are an exception, given that CGI was not made considering the Super 35 process, but rather ordinary television aspect ratio (correct me if it was wider).
The widescreen version makes the CGI look compressed and awful! The 1.33 frame is better because it's not cut off...

Oh, wait, I thought I was KoshN for a second.
(Teasing, just teasing)

Goddamn I've been on here for too long.
well how they look in wide is how they were meant to look /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

and they are cool

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