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B5:IFH Devchat Logfile


[14:02] *** warlord changes topic to 'Dev chat started! Join #ifh_unmoderated to post questions. Devs will answer questions in this channel'
[14:02] *** warlord sets mode: +m
[14:02] <BlackSheep> ...
[14:02] <Sergei_S> (echo) ...
[14:03] <BlackSheep> that is the problem...now I have to do "..." to stay online
[14:03] <Striker|Away> Heh
[14:03] <Renderer> I think we should say hello first :)
[14:03] <BlackSheep> hello
[14:03] <Smasher> hi there!
[14:03] <Sergei_S> "Good afternoon pilots and welcome to the briefing" (c) ;)
[14:03] <Marty> Well, first of all I thank the team for arranging this chat today :)
[14:03] <BlackSheep> I can the see the next chat log right in front of me => "..."
[14:03] <BlackSheep> alright, lets begin...
[14:03] <warlord> And thanks for devs making this game.
[14:04] <warlord> Dist: Q: Will there be public bug tracking (bugzilla or similar)?
[14:04] <Renderer> No.
[14:04] <LaRubin> Forum is enough
[14:04] <Renderer> Bugtracking is internal.
[14:05] <Marty> ga?
[14:05] <Renderer> ga
[14:05] <LaRubin> ga
[14:05] <BlackSheep> ga
[14:05] <BlackSheep> *lol*
[14:05] <warlord> MDK: Q: How can I join the development team? What kinda help are you in need of?
[14:06] <Renderer> Let me...
[14:07] <BlackSheep> ...
[14:07] <LaRubin> shhh... he's writing :)
[14:07] <Renderer> Right now, we're preparing for making the patch/update. The current team is quite capable of doing it. What goes after that is unclear at the moment...
[14:07] <Striker|Away> FYI to everyone if you don't know: GA means "go ahead" or ask the next question.
[14:07] <Renderer> If there will be a need, we'll ask for help.
[14:07] <Renderer> ga
[14:08] <Renderer> Of course you can share with us the samples of your work :)
[14:08] *** Kosh has joined #ifh
[14:08] <Renderer> ga ga ga
[14:08] <warlord> scode: Q: Has implementation of multiplayer support started and/or when might a version with multiplayer support be released?
[14:09] *** Ice_Phoenix has joined #ifh
[14:09] <Renderer> In Homeplanet addon, the LAN multiplayer is kinda working already.
[14:09] <LaRubin> which means, it *is* started ;)
[14:10] <Renderer> It's gonna take some time before it will be polished enough, and then, probably, it will make its way to IFH.
[14:10] *** Keyan|Roaming has joined #ifh
[14:10] <Renderer> Not even probably, but most likely :)
[14:11] <Marty> ..so the current prequel campaign may be enhanced with new features in the future?
[14:11] *** Alpha-1 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[14:11] <Renderer> May be is a good expression :)
[14:11] <LaRubin> well... current prequel campaign is not so good for multiplayer..
[14:11] <LaRubin> ...because of solo mission
[14:11] <Renderer> That's true
[14:12] <LaRubin> you can't have a team to go through all the campaign
[14:12] *** Alpha-1 has joined #ifh
[14:12] <LaRubin> but we'll work something out
[14:12] <LaRubin> ga
[14:12] <Renderer> ga?
[14:12] *** UniBiggles has joined #ifh
[14:13] <Renderer> ga
[14:13] *** Mayse has joined #ifh
[14:13] <warlord> scode: Q: What are the chances of IFH ever going Open Source and/or there being ports to *nix platforms?
[14:14] <Renderer> No chance for the first, minimal chance for the second
[14:14] <LaRubin> no chance for Open source, sorry
[14:14] <LaRubin> ga
[14:14] <Renderer> ga
[14:15] <warlord> mrgordo: Will the Skirmish mode be in this 'update'?
[14:16] <LaRubin> with luck, yes
[14:16] <Renderer> I think we'll add the ability to replay the previous missions/cutscenes
[14:16] *** Pawe has joined #ifh
[14:16] <Renderer> But about the skirmish itself, let's hope
[14:17] <Renderer> ga
[14:17] <LaRubin> ga
[14:17] *** trurlo has joined #ifh
[14:17] <Marty> MDK: Q: How does the development deceide stuff? Obviosly You can't meet in real life.
[14:17] <Sergei_S> We can :)
[14:17] <BlackSheep> deathmatches ;)
[14:17] <LaRubin> Well, three of us can
[14:17] <LaRubin> Even four
[14:18] <BlackSheep> the rest is crying via ICQ... :)
[14:18] <LaRubin> and icq/mirc rule
[14:18] <Striker|Away> FYI to everyone who's sending helpop commands: This channel is moderated for the developer chat. If you wish to ask any questions, please join #ifh_unmoderated.
[14:18] <Sergei_S> sometimes email comes in handy...
[14:18] <BlackSheep> uhm...SMS... :)
[14:18] <LaRubin> and FTP!
[14:18] <BlackSheep> from germany to russia
[14:19] <LaRubin> FTP was quite handy
[14:19] <Renderer> Yes, FTP is great for that
[14:19] <LaRubin> then quota was exceeded...
[14:19] <Sergei_S> he-he
[14:19] <Striker|Away> On the disk quota issue...that should be resolved shortly after I change a few things around.
[14:19] <Striker|Away> Apparently the uploading if your index page did you in. heh
[14:19] <Sergei_S> we hope so! :)
[14:19] <Striker|Away> if = of
[14:20] <Renderer> ga?
[14:20] <LaRubin> ga
[14:20] <Marty> Darkblade: Q: Black Sheep has informed that IFH mission editor is similiar to Freespace's FRED mission editor. Is it a possibility that a mission designer experienced on FRED could help IFH team in the future using IFH mission editor?
[14:20] *** B-Omega has joined #ifh
[14:21] <LaRubin> Actually, all IFH missions are made in FAR....
[14:21] <LaRubin> :)
[14:21] <Smasher> but FLYM MissED is still worked for me :)
[14:22] <BlackSheep> I guess, that needs some explanation...
[14:22] <Renderer> Well... Our editor is kinda less user-friendly... I think we'll need to redesign it to make it public :)
[14:22] <Renderer> And it is used by HP team to create some missions
[14:22] <Sergei_S> even less user-friendly than FAR? :)
[14:22] <LaRubin> FAR rules
[14:23] <BlackSheep> dudes, what is FAR?!
[14:23] <LaRubin> You have infinite freedom with FAR ;)
[14:23] <BlackSheep> I hate to live on that side of the world...
[14:23] <Renderer> I'll explain it to you later :)
[14:23] <LaRubin> it's something like Norton Commander for Win32
[14:23] <LaRubin> with text editor
[14:23] <Renderer> I can even upload it to our FTP :)
[14:23] <BlackSheep> ...weeeeee....
[14:24] [Striker|Away:#ifh PING]
[14:24] -> [Striker|Away] PING
[14:24] <Renderer> Also, HP guys are using Ultra Editor, a powerful thing for this kind of work
[14:24] <LaRubin> ga, i think
[14:25] <Renderer> But all missions and cutscenes for IFH were made in FAR text editor
[14:25] <Renderer> ga
[14:25] <Marty> MDK: Q: How hard would it be to add advanced graphicseffects like self shadowing or pixel shaders to the current engine? Are any Graphical updates been planed?
[14:25] <LaRubin> It's possible... but not so easy...
[14:25] <Renderer> Nothing liek that is planned, but...
[14:26] <Renderer> Who knows... For example, adding 3D cockpits will require some tweaks in the rendering system...
[14:27] <Renderer> So maybe we'll add something else along the way, if we have the time :)
[14:27] <Renderer> ga
[14:27] <warlord> SkalTura: Q: Will there be a cooperative campaign when multiplayer capability is added? Or just player versus player?
[14:27] <Renderer> Both
[14:28] <warlord> ga?
[14:28] <Renderer> ga
[14:28] <warlord> Kosh: Q: Do you have any idea how close the IFH gameplay/feeling is to B5:ITF?
[14:29] <BlackSheep> do we an ITF dude in the audience?
[14:29] <BlackSheep> do we have
[14:29] *** Ice_Phoenix has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[14:29] <Renderer> We've got no way of knowing, just like you :)
[14:29] <LaRubin> as well as jumping out of hyperspace...
[14:29] <LaRubin> ga
[14:29] <Renderer> ga
[14:30] <warlord> Kosh: Q: Do you have any plans to add the ability to redirect power between guns/engines/repair f.ex?
[14:30] *** Ice_Phoenix has joined #ifh
[14:30] <Renderer> Andy, that's for you :)
[14:31] <LaRubin> well...
[14:31] <LaRubin> I don't have such plans :)
[14:31] <Renderer> Good answer! :)
[14:31] <LaRubin> But we'll think about it, probably it should be done alongh the way
[14:31] <LaRubin> ga
[14:31] <Renderer> ga
[14:31] <Sergei_S> looks like they want it too be even more difficult to fly...
[14:31] <Sergei_S> :)
[14:32] <warlord> Dist: Q: Will there be option to skip every uninteractive part of the mission? (esc key for exmaple:)
[14:32] <warlord> <UniBiggles> :D
[14:32] <LaRubin> you see, starfury already makes 8G on afterburners...
[14:32] <warlord> sorry
[14:33] <Renderer> And we disabled blackouts/redouts!
[14:33] <Renderer> We can enable them back :)
[14:33] <BlackSheep> ...yes, i made sounds for that AGES AGO!!!!
[14:33] <LaRubin> And *then* you'll redirect all power to engines, and...
[14:33] <LaRubin> ...die
[14:34] <BlackSheep> *pooof*
[14:34] <Renderer> You won't be able to see a thing...
[14:34] <Renderer> That too :)
[14:34] <BlackSheep> cause you're dead...
[14:34] <Renderer> ga?
[14:35] <LaRubin> question already posted
[14:35] <Sergei_S> (there is a question up there ^^^ :))
[14:35] <BlackSheep> skip unwanted parts..
[14:35] <Striker|Away> [13:33] <warlord> Dist: Q: Will there be option to skip every uninteractive part of the mission? (esc key for exmaple:)
[14:35] <BlackSheep> ah...the training...
[14:35] <LaRubin> skipping missions - it's something we'd like to have for ourselves too...
[14:35] <Renderer> It will be very hard to do with this engine...
[14:35] <LaRubin> but the world is everchanging...
[14:35] <Renderer> But if there will be something beyond prequel...
[14:36] <LaRubin> civilian traffic, etc..
[14:36] <Renderer> We might want to reduce the quantity of blablabla... :)
[14:36] <LaRubin> you can't just jump forward in time.
[14:36] <LaRubin> But.
[14:36] <LaRubin> Probably we can shutup Blacksheep...
[14:36] <BlackSheep> *ooops*
[14:37] <BlackSheep> me/ runs
[14:37] * BlackSheep runs
[14:37] <LaRubin> well, not Blacksheep, but instructor ;)
[14:37] <BlackSheep> ...ha!
[14:37] <Renderer> Hey, let's kill him in the full campaign? :)
[14:37] <BlackSheep> YES!
[14:37] <BlackSheep> NO!
[14:37] <BlackSheep> ...which of the two?
[14:38] <Renderer> Him. We still might use you...
[14:38] <Renderer> ga
[14:38] <LaRubin> ga
[14:38] <BlackSheep> ga
[14:38] <warlord> MDK: Q: what does Alpha2 look like(the voiceactor)?
[14:38] <BlackSheep> hehe
[14:39] *** Vertigo1 has joined #ifh
[14:39] <LaRubin> ^)))))))
[14:39] <Renderer> Uh-oh...
[14:39] <BlackSheep> private matter...
[14:39] <Sergei_S> he-he-he
[14:39] <Sergei_S> they like "Spacewitch" :)
[14:39] *** B-Omega has quit IRC
[14:39] <LaRubin> I'll ask her if she wants to post a photo ;)
[14:39] <LaRubin> BTW, she's married
[14:40] <Smasher> i remember there was virtual version of Alpha 2, made by Henrik :)
[14:40] <Renderer> Not much use for that version...
[14:40] *** mrgordo has left #ifh
[14:40] <LaRubin> ga?
[14:41] <Renderer> We gonna need to redesign
[14:41] <Renderer> ga
[14:41] <Renderer> I'
[14:41] <warlord> Biggles: Q: What's far?
[14:41] <Renderer> I'm surprised there's no story related questions...
[14:41] <LaRubin> You mean, FAR?
[14:41] <warlord> I think he means FAR
[14:41] <Marty> maybe not everyone has finished the campaign yet ;)
[14:41] *** RG has joined #ifh
[14:42] <LaRubin> FAR is File and ARchive manager
[14:42] <Smasher> look at http://www.rarsoft.com
[14:42] <LaRubin> made by E.Roshal, same guy who did RAR
[14:42] <LaRubin> ga
[14:42] <Renderer> ga
[14:43] <warlord> Kosh: Q: Will you add a voice for the "computer" in the starfury? what about voice-commands?
[14:43] <LaRubin> We *have* voice for the computer
[14:43] <BlackSheep> there is a voice the comp...
[14:43] <Renderer> The computer should not speak too much
[14:43] <BlackSheep> it's called AT&T voice synth
[14:43] <LaRubin> voice commands - are you sure you need them?
[14:43] <LaRubin> 1.they are slow
[14:44] <LaRubin> 2. CPU time is needed elsewhere
[14:44] <LaRubin> ga
[14:44] <Renderer> ga
[14:45] <warlord> Dist: Q: Is autopilot really supposed to be used in hyperspace?
[14:45] <LaRubin> Yes, but it doesn't replace a pilot
[14:45] <Renderer> In theory :)
[14:46] <Renderer> ga
[14:46] <LaRubin> Anything could happend in hyperspace...
[14:46] <LaRubin> ga
[14:46] <warlord> Slylendro: Q: Will there be added a possibility to pass through dialogues on the next updates? if not, is there any chance for it to be added at all?
[14:47] <Renderer> We answered that question
[14:47] <LaRubin> yup
[14:47] <LaRubin> ga
[14:47] <warlord> Pawe: Q: Will there ever be FF-effects in this game?
[14:47] <LaRubin> They are there
[14:47] <warlord> (They didn't work for him)
[14:47] <BlackSheep> uhm...
[14:47] <BlackSheep> me neither
[14:48] <Sergei_S> and... Hello there, Pawe! :)
[14:48] *** GEC|OfficeComp2 has joined #ifh
[14:48] <LaRubin> Ah, yes, btw.
[14:48] <Renderer> Greetz, Pawe
[14:48] <BlackSheep> ...
[14:49] <Sergei_S> done with greetings? ga then :)
[14:49] <Renderer> He's typing? :)
[14:49] <Renderer> ga?
[14:49] <warlord> mrgordo: Q: Will we hear Bester again? :)
[14:49] <BlackSheep> ooooooooh...
[14:49] <BlackSheep> Oleg and me are still talking about that... ;)
[14:49] <Sergei_S> so they heard him!.. :)
[14:49] <LaRubin> If BS gives us Walter Koenig....
[14:49] <Renderer> We'd love to. :)
[14:50] <Renderer> That's right :)
[14:50] <Sergei_S> Bester rule!
[14:50] <LaRubin> or a guy with the same voice ;)
[14:50] <BlackSheep> I'll try to get in contact with him...ok?
[14:50] <Renderer> ga then
[14:50] <LaRubin> ga
[14:51] <warlord> Pawe: Q: Can we someday flight Nial in this game? Like in that first video... there was nial shooting at Shadow Battlecrab?
[14:51] <LaRubin> Probably in simulator...
[14:51] <Renderer> That was supposed to be a cutscene...
[14:52] <Renderer> In the fill campaign, where you don't fight the Shadows anyway.
[14:52] <LaRubin> if time permits, we'll add several flyable fighters in the simulator
[14:52] <Renderer> It was kind of flashback to Valen's time
[14:52] <BlackSheep> and maybe some historical missions...
[14:53] <Renderer> ga?
[14:53] <LaRubin> ga
[14:53] <BlackSheep> ga
[14:53] <warlord> Dist: Q: Is there HUD improvements planned? Weapon energy & remaining missiles etc (in self-monitoring?)
[14:53] <BlackSheep> remaining missiles are shown already
[14:53] <Renderer> Missile counter is there
[14:54] <BlackSheep> weapon energy was in a prior version and...well, it was already requested several times...
[14:54] <LaRubin> weapon energy - because we don't have energy management, there's no point to indicate it
[14:54] <BlackSheep> well...heat indicator?
[14:55] <LaRubin> OK, heat indicator should be added
[14:55] <Renderer> ga
[14:55] <BlackSheep> 0:1 for community ;)
[14:55] <BlackSheep> ga
[14:55] <LaRubin> ga
[14:55] <warlord> mrgordo: Q: Will destroyers be tougher in the future? So that five furies can't take out one by themselves?
[14:55] <LaRubin> BS - which team you are??
[14:56] * BlackSheep is on the team of gamerz :D
[14:56] <LaRubin> You MUST understand, that it is NOVA-CLASS
[14:56] <Renderer> Let's answer, guys :)
[14:56] <BlackSheep> with limited weaponry!
[14:56] <LaRubin> It's not supposed to fight with fighters
[14:56] <Sergei_S> mrgordo speaks about mission 5, i presume...
[14:56] * Marty has to look away
[14:56] <Renderer> Nova has no interceptors...
[14:57] <Marty> (not yet played m5:))
[14:57] <LaRubin> It's actually big guns with engines
[14:57] <LaRubin> It supposed to fight against other capships
[14:57] <Sergei_S> Marty - close your eyes and p'hear... p'hear...
[14:57] * BlackSheep shrugs
[14:57] <Marty> :)
[14:57] <Renderer> ga?
[14:57] <BlackSheep> ga
[14:57] <LaRubin> It relies on its squadrons as anti-fighter cover
[14:58] <Sergei_S> and that particular Nova has even less turrets...
[14:58] <LaRubin> But these squadrons have sucked....
[14:58] <LaRubin> ga
[14:58] <LaRubin> yes
[14:58] <warlord> Dist: Q: How much IS the acceleration (in m/s) of a starfury using afterburners?
[14:58] <LaRubin> read the database, source of knowledge!
[14:58] <LaRubin> 1.
[14:58] * Sergei_S chants: Database, database...
[14:58] <LaRubin> acceleration is not in m/s
[14:58] <Renderer> Eight gees, right?
[14:59] <BlackSheep> m/s^2
[14:59] <LaRubin> read physics course
[14:59] <LaRubin> BS - exactly
[14:59] <LaRubin> 2. SS - yes, read DB
[14:59] <LaRubin> 3. Renderer - yes, 8G ~= 80 m/s^2
[14:59] <BlackSheep> in any case...not pleasant...
[15:00] <LaRubin> oh, yeah
[15:00] <LaRubin> and someone asked for more ;)
[15:00] <LaRubin> masochist ;)
[15:00] <BlackSheep> :p
[15:00] <Renderer> ga :)
[15:00] *** Hunter has quit IRC (-=SysReset 2.53=-)
[15:00] *** Hunter has joined #ifh
[15:00] <LaRubin> ga
[15:00] <Sergei_S> (now me wants blackouts/redouts back)
[15:00] *** Darkblade has quit IRC (Lähdössä)
[15:00] <BlackSheep> ga (me 2)
[15:01] <warlord> Biggles: Q: how does IFH do it's planets? backdrop or 3d model?
[15:01] <Renderer> Let's make it optional, guys
[15:01] <LaRubin> with vomiting onto windshield? ;)
[15:01] <BlackSheep> yes!
[15:01] <Renderer> 2 Biggles: both
[15:01] <LaRubin> Jupiter is 3D!
[15:01] <LaRubin> and four of it's moons
[15:01] <Renderer> Pay attention to Jupiter system, it's special
[15:02] <Sergei_S> very special
[15:02] <LaRubin> you can try to reach them if you have time and/or fuel
[15:02] <BlackSheep> heheehe
[15:02] <Renderer> What hehe, you can try! :)
[15:02] <LaRubin> but remember, all is made in real scale
[15:02] <BlackSheep> and the instructor is watching you!!!
[15:03] <Sergei_S> and will require real time...
[15:03] <LaRubin> BS - he doesn't actually ;)
[15:03] <BlackSheep> pssssst
[15:03] <BlackSheep> ga?
[15:03] <LaRubin> so, when you hear "fly around" you definitely can FLY AROUND
[15:03] <Renderer> ga?
[15:03] <LaRubin> ...someting ;)
[15:03] <LaRubin> ga
[15:04] <Renderer> nothing!
[15:04] <LaRubin> something!Q
[15:04] <Sergei_S> nothing! something! (c) ;))
[15:04] <Renderer> ga
[15:04] <warlord> Vermuden: Q: Do you need an unofficial PR agent?
[15:04] <BlackSheep> hehe...A1? :)
[15:04] * Striker|Away smack Vermuden.
[15:04] <Marty> that would be alpha-1, i guess ;)
[15:04] <Striker|Away> Sorry, couldn't resist. :)
[15:04] <Sergei_S> :)))
[15:04] <Sergei_S> Alpha 1 is really cool!
[15:04] <BlackSheep> yeah...not just for IFH but for the whole b5 gamer community
[15:05] * BlackSheep winks A1
[15:05] <Renderer> Yes, A1 did on helluva job without being asked :)
[15:05] <LaRubin> Praise A1!
[15:05] <BlackSheep> and without taking money!
[15:05] *** Ice_Phoenix has quit IRC
[15:05] <LaRubin> sometimes even too much job, but it's ok :)
[15:06] <Sergei_S> well, he always gets his nick mentioned ingame :)
[15:06] <Renderer> ga
[15:06] <LaRubin> ga
[15:06] <warlord> Munsterbuster: Q: Will there be only fighters to fly? Or do we get a chance to steer the lame big ones?
[15:07] <Renderer> Unlikely, this is all about fighters.
[15:07] <LaRubin> It's no fun actually to fly on capship...
[15:07] <LaRubin> 30 degrees to port. Yessir, 30 degrees to port..
[15:07] <LaRubin> It's fun to play strategy games with lots of capships and not-so-real time...
[15:08] <LaRubin> ga
[15:08] <warlord> Kosh: Q: Isn't Earth behaving a little "agressive" in the game?
[15:08] <Renderer> But IFH is definitely not a strategy game
[15:08] <Renderer> ga
[15:08] <LaRubin> Oh!
[15:08] <Sergei_S> finally...
[15:09] *** GEC|OfficeComp2 has quit IRC (Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.)
[15:10] <BlackSheep> ..
[15:10] <Renderer> Maybe a little :) But they could be declared a renegades by Earth officials if Vathen mission is failed...
[15:10] <Renderer> Vathan, sorry
[15:10] <LaRubin> They really needed that Q40...
[15:10] <Sergei_S> and Q40 is worth the efforts...
[15:11] *** GEC|PackingArea has joined #ifh
[15:11] <BlackSheep> ...
[15:11] <Renderer> ga?
[15:11] <LaRubin> ga
[15:11] *** Slylendro has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:12] <warlord> Darkblade: Q: If you decide to make the full version of IFH, does its story expand to the times of Shadow War or Earth Alliance Civil War? Or is the campaign based before Babylon 5's story?
[15:12] <BlackSheep> ha, no questions? :)
[15:12] <warlord> FYI there is 17 questions ready in my textpad
[15:12] <Renderer> The full campaign is supposed to take place in 2254...
[15:12] <LaRubin> the full campaign story starts almost right after prequel story ends
[15:13] <Renderer> With some flashbacks to Valen's time...
[15:13] <Renderer> Right.
[15:13] <Sergei_S> meaning - 2254
[15:13] <LaRubin> in a matter of days, weeks...
[15:13] <Sergei_S> the year construction of B4 is finished
[15:14] <LaRubin> ga
[15:14] <Renderer> ga
[15:15] <warlord> MDK: Q: will there be advanced radar stuff in the game that would enable more strategic/stealhty mission (hiding behind asteroids and such)?
[15:15] <LaRubin> we would love to do something like that...
[15:15] <LaRubin> (at least me ;)
[15:16] <Renderer> We have stealth systems in Homeplanet, btw...
[15:16] <BlackSheep> I'd love to see that...
[15:16] <BlackSheep> I'd love to see homeplanet on the european market too
[15:16] <Renderer> We just need to make "radar shadowing" possible
[15:16] <LaRubin> HP stealth is somewhat "unrealistic"...
[15:17] <LaRubin> But we definitely have to improve our radar
[15:17] <Renderer> Well, at least it's "something" :)
[15:17] <Renderer> ga?
[15:17] <LaRubin> ga
[15:18] <warlord> Vertigo1: Q: Are you guys going to have an option to use the old hyperspace and the "new" version shown in "Legend of the Rangers"?
[15:18] <Renderer> Old one is way better
[15:18] <LaRubin> Is someone here likes the "new" hyperspace?
[15:18] <Marty> no :p
[15:19] <LaRubin> and jumppoints too
[15:19] <BlackSheep> :-D
[15:19] <Sergei_S> ;)
[15:19] <Marty> but i like the acta/crusade jumppoints :)
[15:19] <BlackSheep> me 2!
[15:19] <BlackSheep> they look pretty good!
[15:19] <LaRubin> we'll stich to the classic
[15:19] <LaRubin> stick
[15:19] <Renderer> Still, they're close to original
[15:19] <Renderer> Yes
[15:19] <Renderer> ga
[15:19] <LaRubin> ga
[15:19] <warlord> Mayse: Q: Will there be more autopilot modes such as optimal burn for speed on thisandthis distance or the I-war like match vector autopilot?
[15:20] <Renderer> There will be docking
[15:20] <Renderer> Can't say about something else
[15:20] <BlackSheep> yet
[15:20] <LaRubin> may be IWar-style approach
[15:21] <LaRubin> ga
[15:21] <BlackSheep> ga?
[15:21] <Renderer> No more comments, ga
[15:21] <warlord> Hunter: Q: I played through IFH at about 2am - Very scary at that hour. :) What prompted you to use a telepath storyline, and, has JMS had any input or otherwise contact with your team?
[15:22] <BlackSheep> JMS "Please send no story ideas" (C)
[15:22] <LaRubin> no JMS input or output
[15:22] <Renderer> JMS knows about this project, that's all we can say
[15:22] <Renderer> And we like telepaths :)
[15:22] <Renderer> Aren't they cool? :)
[15:23] <BlackSheep> you missed the "are" between "we" and "like"
[15:23] <Marty> yes :)
[15:23] <Renderer> And Bester is the coolest :)
[15:23] <Sergei_S> and the story it's highly integrated in B5 Universe
[15:24] <Renderer> Reading Psi trilogy is recommended :)
[15:24] <Sergei_S> highly recomended :)
[15:24] <Renderer> ga?
[15:24] <LaRubin> ga
[15:24] <warlord> MDK: Q: Will there be big asteroidfields?
[15:24] <Renderer> Unlikely
[15:25] <Renderer> Because there no such thing in the universe :)
[15:25] <LaRubin> yeah ;)
[15:25] *** Keyan|Roaming has quit IRC
[15:25] <Renderer> Except for planet rings, maybe :)
[15:25] *** Lennier has quit IRC (Today is a good day to chat.)
[15:26] <Renderer> ga?
[15:26] <LaRubin> ga
[15:26] <warlord> Ice_Phoenix: Q: Who wrote the scenario?
[15:27] <Renderer> Everyone's awfullt quiet...
[15:27] <LaRubin> Well...
[15:27] <BlackSheep> well, reply then...
[15:27] <LaRubin> As it is said in credits:
[15:27] <BlackSheep> these two guys above me
[15:27] <Sergei_S> it's him! it's him! (c)
[15:28] <LaRubin> Story by OLEG PETROV ANDY LA RUBIN
[15:28] <LaRubin> Writing OLEG PETROV
[15:28] <LaRubin> Additional writing - several guys...
[15:28] <Renderer> Hey, there were other writers!
[15:28] <Renderer> Yes, BS is one of them
[15:28] <Renderer> Henrik is another
[15:29] <LaRubin> and me in-between
[15:29] <BlackSheep> yes, as said above :-D
[15:29] <Sergei_S> the middle-man ;)
[15:29] <Renderer> The man in between :)
[15:29] <BlackSheep> ga?
[15:29] <LaRubin> ga
[15:29] <warlord> MDK: Q: Will we see B4 or B5 in the game? has someone modeled neither of them yet?
[15:29] <Renderer> Yes :)
[15:29] <Renderer> ga
[15:30] <BlackSheep> haha
[15:30] <LaRubin> :)))
[15:30] <LaRubin> ga
[15:30] <BlackSheep> ga!!!!!
[15:30] <Smasher> B5 - WIP :)
[15:30] <BlackSheep> ...GAGA!!!
[15:30] <warlord> Vertigo1: Q: Will we be able to change hud layouts like we can in Freespace?
[15:30] <Renderer> In historical missions we can probably see B5
[15:31] <Renderer> ga
[15:31] <Renderer> No
[15:31] <Renderer> Impossible, sorry
[15:31] <Renderer> ga
[15:31] <warlord> GEC|OfficeComp2: Q: What happens when you get to Jupiter?
[15:31] *** trurlo has quit IRC
[15:31] <BlackSheep> you crash on the planet?
[15:31] <Renderer> Nothing pleasant :)
[15:31] <BlackSheep> you can't breath?
[15:31] <Smasher> you should try :)
[15:31] <Sergei_S> ha-ha...
[15:31] <LaRubin> if you will enter into jupiter's atmosphere, you will probably die
[15:32] <LaRubin> or you'll burn before that
[15:32] <Renderer> And fail the training...
[15:32] <Renderer> ga
[15:32] <Sergei_S> but it becomes bigger as you approach it... so it feels like in the series :)
[15:32] <BlackSheep> ...mmmh...thinking of the creative painblaster 2.0
[15:32] <LaRubin> BS - you can't crash on Jupiter, it doesn't have solid surface
[15:32] <BlackSheep> yes yes yes I know...
[15:32] <BlackSheep> it's just gas
[15:33] <LaRubin> with giant diamond in the middle!
[15:33] <BlackSheep> oh, you've been there? :)
[15:33] <LaRubin> (whose who read 2061 know that)
[15:33] <BlackSheep> ga?
[15:33] <Renderer> ga
[15:33] <LaRubin> ga
[15:34] <LaRubin> btw, there are lot of sightseeing around Jupiter...
[15:34] <warlord> Biggles: Q: How many lines of code in the engine?
[15:34] <Renderer> Is anybody counting?
[15:34] <LaRubin> it's ~3.5 Mb of sources
[15:35] *** GEC|PackingArea has quit IRC (Knight-Adventurer of Vvardenfell, Hortator, Incarnate, Nerevarine.)
[15:35] <LaRubin> it's no point to count lines
[15:35] <Renderer> ga
[15:35] <LaRubin> and 1.5 Mb exe...
[15:35] <LaRubin> so it's 1:2 ratio ;)
[15:35] <LaRubin> ga
[15:36] <warlord> Psi: Q: What percentage of the development time was spent on The 3D Engine/levels/cutscenes/graphics etc..
[15:36] <Renderer> Is anybody counting?
[15:36] <Renderer> :)
[15:36] <LaRubin> :))
[15:37] * Sergei_S counts :)
[15:37] <LaRubin> We should have a manager for that kind of job ;)
[15:37] <LaRubin> Counting source code lines, tracking our time...
[15:37] <Renderer> Sorry, I don't know what to say :)
[15:37] <LaRubin> Unfortunately, we can't afford such a guy ;)
[15:37] <Smasher> i'll count polys )
[15:37] <LaRubin> They are highly paid usually...
[15:38] <BlackSheep> ...
[15:38] <Renderer> ga?
[15:38] <BlackSheep> gaaaaaaaa
[15:38] <LaRubin> So, we just work :)
[15:38] <warlord> Biggles: Q: Does the engine use a complex scripting language for controlling game play (similar to the way QuakeC works although possibly not precompiled)?
[15:38] <LaRubin> ga
[15:38] <LaRubin> yes
[15:38] <LaRubin> first,
[15:38] *** GEC|OfficeComp2 has joined #ifh
[15:38] <LaRubin> we have a complex mission script language...
[15:38] <Renderer> No, it's rather simplified, uniform script
[15:39] <Sergei_S> press any GA to continue...
[15:39] <Renderer> It's not really a language :)
[15:39] <LaRubin> second, we have "rather simplified" consoe/scripting language to run the game
[15:39] <LaRubin> Renderer - it IS a language
[15:39] <LaRubin> ga
[15:40] <Renderer> Whatever you say... (C)
[15:40] <Renderer> ga
[15:40] <warlord> Vertigo1: Q: How easy will it be to mod the game?
[15:40] <LaRubin> but we don't have any Virtual Machine like Quake
[15:40] <LaRubin> It will require some commitement to the process
[15:40] <LaRubin> It's not unlike flying through hyperspace ;)
[15:40] <BlackSheep> ...uh oh....
[15:41] <Renderer> Yeah, I couldn't have said it any better, Sigma 1... (C)
[15:41] <LaRubin> But you're always welcome to try (c)Bester
[15:41] <LaRubin> hsa
[15:42] <LaRubin> ga
[15:42] <warlord> Dist: Q: Does Jupiter and it's moons have gravity? (Or do I just have to go and see? =)
[15:42] <Renderer> No gravity in this game
[15:42] <LaRubin> No, unfortunately they don't have it
[15:42] <BlackSheep> just mass :D
[15:43] <Renderer> No mass, size! :)
[15:43] <Renderer> ga
[15:43] <warlord> Dist: Q: Will we see missions where capital ships fight eachother?
[15:43] <Sergei_S> size does not matter or does it? :)
[15:43] <LaRubin> There is a problem to merge our "cruise mode" (or frame of reference) and gravity/orbits. We haven't solve it yet
[15:43] <LaRubin> So for now it's just size and no mass
[15:44] <Renderer> Possible in main campaign
[15:44] <Renderer> It's about capships...
[15:44] <Renderer> ga
[15:44] <LaRubin> That remains to be seen, I suppose
[15:44] <LaRubin> ga
[15:44] <warlord> Kosh: Q: Where in hyperspace are the aardvark,forklift and the watercooler hidden?
[15:44] <LaRubin> :))
[15:45] <Renderer> :))
[15:45] <Sergei_S> try reaching the Well of Forever :)
[15:45] <Renderer> But you gonna need a technomage ship...
[15:45] <Sergei_S> ...which you don't have...
[15:46] <BlackSheep> ...
[15:46] <Renderer> And... something powerful enough to follow it :)
[15:46] <LaRubin> BTW, we have a NODE to ITF in our game, has anyone seen it?
[15:46] <Marty> not to mention the Voctory class destroyer ;)
[15:46] <Marty> victory
[15:46] <Sergei_S> big NODE :)
[15:46] <LaRubin> a NOD
[15:46] <Renderer> NOD, noth NODE? :)
[15:46] <Renderer> But we have a lot of NODES...
[15:46] <LaRubin> Winbari more cruiser? :)
[15:47] <Renderer> In hyperspace...
[15:47] <BlackSheep> ...you could at least give a hint where to find it
[15:47] <LaRubin> Well. There is a NOD literally speaking in the game...
[15:47] <Renderer> Watch the intermissions
[15:47] <Renderer> That's the hint
[15:48] <LaRubin> Our main character literally NODS to ITF :)
[15:48] <Renderer> ga
[15:48] <LaRubin> ga
[15:48] <warlord> Vertigo1: Q: How easy will it be to mod the game?
[15:48] <warlord> (this wasn't answered before when I asked)
[15:48] <BlackSheep> already asked
[15:49] <Sergei_S> deja vu...
[15:49] <BlackSheep> ah
[15:49] <warlord> I think it wasn't answered
[15:49] <LaRubin> matrix glitch
[15:49] <Renderer> Agents! Run!
[15:49] <Renderer> ga
[15:49] * Sergei_S runs...
[15:49] <LaRubin> It will be not so easy, but with some commitment it's doable
[15:49] <warlord> Random_Chaos: Q: Will any flight simulator you add include the ability to have Purple vs Green battles?
[15:50] <Sergei_S> purple rule this year!
[15:50] * BlackSheep really?
[15:50] <Renderer> If there will be Drazi fighters... why not
[15:50] <Sergei_S> or was it greens? Andy?
[15:50] <LaRubin> Purples
[15:50] <Renderer> Green rules in mission 2!
[15:50] <Sergei_S> :)))
[15:51] <LaRubin> If there will be multyplayer, then all drazi can fight each other to the death, and again, and again....
[15:51] <Renderer> ga
[15:51] <LaRubin> ga
[15:51] <warlord> Vertigo1: Q: Will the credits run slower so its actually possible to read them?
[15:51] *** pils has joined #ifh
[15:51] <Sergei_S> screenshot them :)
[15:51] <BlackSheep> ah...already suggested an external readme file...
[15:51] <Renderer> You'll have an option to replay it.
[15:51] <BlackSheep> or html... :rolleyes:
[15:51] <LaRubin> they run exactly as in the series ;)
[15:52] <BlackSheep> ...these TV dudes made a mistake by this!
[15:52] <Renderer> And you can make screenshots, btw... :)
[15:52] <LaRubin> These TV dudes had limited screen time!
[15:52] <Renderer> ga
[15:52] <LaRubin> Yes, screenshots rule
[15:52] <BlackSheep> ...and don't have!
[15:52] <LaRubin> and btw, screenshots rule in intermissions too
[15:53] <LaRubin> and hires...
[15:53] <LaRubin> ga
[15:53] <warlord> Biggles: Q: Did you design the console/scripting language yourselves or use an existing one such as Lua or Python?
[15:53] <LaRubin> it was designed by accident
[15:53] <Renderer> It's our own.
[15:53] <LaRubin> me and Oleg were in train to his hometown....
[15:53] <Renderer> Confirmed :)
[15:53] <LaRubin> ..and suddenly a langage was designed
[15:54] <Renderer> ga?
[15:54] <LaRubin> ga
[15:54] <warlord> Biggles: Q: Why does Renderer keep copyrighting his statements?
[15:54] <BlackSheep> hehe...
[15:55] <Renderer> Because they're copyrighted...
[15:55] *** pils has left #ifh
[15:55] *** Alpha-2 has joined #ifh
[15:55] <Sergei_S> they are property of Space Dream Factory... :)
[15:55] *** Alpha-2 has left #ifh
[15:55] <LaRubin> it means they are quotations from you-guess-where
[15:55] <BlackSheep> quotes of the game
[15:55] <BlackSheep> ops
[15:55] <LaRubin> Alpha2??
[15:55] <Sergei_S> Diana?
[15:55] <BlackSheep> we had to deal with them so often, we can't rid of em...
[15:55] <LaRubin> Anna? ;)
[15:56] <Sergei_S> Spacewitch? ;))
[15:56] <Renderer> Yes, some quotes from the game
[15:56] <BlackSheep> ga?
[15:56] <Renderer> ga
[15:56] <warlord> Alpha-1: Q: what was the worst / moszt beautifull / funniest thing that happend during the process of developing the game
[15:56] <LaRubin> I always hear that in my head - "does that thing work?"
[15:56] *** sigma has quit IRC
[15:56] <Sergei_S> uhm...
[15:56] <BlackSheep> ...dig in your memory, guys
[15:56] <LaRubin> umm...
[15:57] <BlackSheep> ...those funny dialogues with oleg...
[15:57] <LaRubin> first time in hyperspace with music
[15:57] <Smasher> meeting the Team in Moscow :)
[15:57] <Renderer> ohh...
[15:57] <LaRubin> most beautiful
[15:57] <BlackSheep> "It's bulldshit" "It's not"
[15:58] <BlackSheep> "Can you add those guns?" "no guns needed" "why not?" "Ah...can we take later about this?"
[15:58] <BlackSheep> SMS from russia: "come online asap"
[15:58] <LaRubin> BS - is it most beautiful or what? ;)
[15:58] <BlackSheep> most beautiful...the fact that we found an actor A1 who was willing to record way more than 100 lines
[15:58] <Renderer> That happened 2 times max!
[15:58] <BlackSheep> the freakiest
[15:59] <BlackSheep> see, how badly that hit me? ;)
[15:59] <LaRubin> ...and the main villian at the same time!
[15:59] <BlackSheep> yesssssssss
[15:59] *** RG has quit IRC (ChatZilla 0.9.28 [Mozilla rv:1.5b/20030827])
[15:59] <LaRubin> Richard rules!
[15:59] <BlackSheep> btw...I pitched rotane down a bit...
[16:00] <LaRubin> Ah, you're cheater!
[16:00] <Renderer> For me, one of the the funnest thengs was writing emails for database... :)
[16:00] <BlackSheep> beautiful: I won the fight of getting training missions in!!!
[16:00] <Renderer> And worst was the night from 21st to 22nd of November, this year
[16:01] <LaRubin> Oh, yes
[16:01] <BlackSheep> yes....14 straight sound worx *geeeeeeeeek*
[16:01] <LaRubin> definitely worst
[16:01] <BlackSheep> "I need that sound" "no, not like this" "that's close...but not what I want"
[16:01] <Sergei_S> crash after the intro wasn't fun... well at least for us...
[16:01] <BlackSheep> "where are instructor samples 2_14?" "wooops...forgot to record"
[16:02] <LaRubin> and funniest - partying with the team and reading forums with after the release :)
[16:02] <Sergei_S> party was fun
[16:02] <Renderer> Yeah, feedback, I love it :)
[16:02] <Sergei_S> :)
[16:02] <Renderer> ga?
[16:02] <Smasher> oh yeah - "russian support" :)
[16:02] <BlackSheep> ...and the thousand things you wanna do better next time...
[16:02] <LaRubin> ga
[16:03] <warlord> MDK: Q: I tried reaching IO, but ig to mission failure due to the fact that i didn't obay orders!!!
[16:03] <BlackSheep> :)?
[16:03] <Renderer> Isn't it true?
[16:03] <Sergei_S> obey orders you should...
[16:03] <BlackSheep> oleg...
[16:04] <Renderer> What
[16:04] <BlackSheep> I was able not to disobey orders...try again... :)
[16:04] <LaRubin> "Sigma 1, you idiot, It's too dangerous, don't get close to that thing!"
[16:04] <Renderer> Some think better than the others... :)
[16:05] <Renderer> ga?
[16:05] <Renderer> I suggest close-up in 30 minutes
[16:05] <LaRubin> it means - you were intercepted near the surface trying to ram it :)
[16:05] <LaRubin> ga
[16:06] <warlord> Dist: Q: Can you make more than 100 screenshots after the patch? =)
[16:06] <LaRubin> agreed
[16:06] <LaRubin> Wow...
[16:06] <LaRubin> didn't think of that :)
[16:06] <Renderer> Why? :)
[16:06] *** Kosh has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[16:07] <Renderer> Maybe, but is it so important?
[16:07] <Smasher> IFH = Desktop Wallpaper Generator :)
[16:07] <BlackSheep> ...
[16:07] <BlackSheep> gaß
[16:07] <BlackSheep> ?
[16:07] <LaRubin> ga
[16:07] <BlackSheep> ga?
[16:08] <Renderer> ga
[16:08] <BlackSheep> ...
[16:08] <BlackSheep> oh...
[16:08] <Renderer> Come on, we have 25 mins :)
[16:08] <BlackSheep> well...no Qs...?
[16:08] * BlackSheep weeps
[16:08] <Renderer> No more questions?
[16:09] <warlord> Vertigo1: Q: Will we ever get to see the infamous 2 jumppoint at once experiment Sheridan mentioned in the series?
[16:09] <Renderer> There was an idea to use it in full campaign
[16:09] <LaRubin> bonehead maneuver?
[16:09] <Renderer> Bonegead maneuver, actually
[16:09] <Renderer> Bonehead
[16:10] <BlackSheep> ...
[16:10] <Renderer> Sorry :) But is was for cutscene only
[16:10] <LaRubin> ga
[16:10] <Renderer> ga
[16:10] <warlord> GEC|OfficeComp2 Q: What're the devs favorite jokes (from anywhere/anything)?
[16:11] <BlackSheep> the website...in its current status
[16:11] <LaRubin> !
[16:11] <LaRubin> exactly
[16:11] <Renderer> Right And there's a lot of good ones, but I won't be telling them now :)
[16:11] *** {Evanescence} has joined #ifh
[16:11] <Marty> (blank page at the very moment :))
[16:12] <BlackSheep> hey, that's IFH...it's blank!
[16:12] <Sergei_S> yeah... :(
[16:12] *** {Evanescence} is now known as Raven_Soft
[16:12] *** Raven_Soft is now known as Raven_Software
[16:12] <BlackSheep> ?
[16:12] <BlackSheep> what?
[16:12] <LaRubin> ga
[16:12] <Renderer> Kind of joke... ga
[16:12] <BlackSheep> ha!
[16:12] *** Demon` has joined #ifh
[16:13] <warlord> ga?
[16:13] <Renderer> ga
[16:13] <BlackSheep> come on...you ask everything!!!
[16:13] <BlackSheep> make us sweat!
[16:13] *** Analogy has joined #ifh
[16:13] <BlackSheep> pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase... :)
[16:13] <warlord> Alpha-1: Q: will we hear more ITF musik in the game later on? or only the music from the show and not the itf / itf-extended tracks?
[16:13] <Renderer> I'd be good to be asked about the game, actually...
[16:14] <BlackSheep> :-D
[16:14] <Renderer> There's a lot of good music from ItF... We can use some parts of it, of course, if they're suitable
[16:15] <Renderer> But that depends on mission/cutscene design
[16:15] <LaRubin> Yea, "suitable" that's the main point
[16:15] <BlackSheep> ...
[16:15] <Renderer> And BS reconstructed the funeral music, btw, great job!
[16:16] <LaRubin> ga
[16:16] <BlackSheep> ...?
[16:16] <Renderer> ga
[16:16] <LaRubin> BS rules!
[16:16] <BlackSheep> too bad that the funeral bugs doesn't make it show up... :p
[16:16] <Sergei_S> my favourite scene!
[16:16] <Sergei_S> oh - that was fun!
[16:16] <Sergei_S> :)
[16:16] * BlackSheep smileys thankfully
[16:16] <warlord> Dist: Q: How did you figure out the speed and overheating time of cannons of Starfury?
[16:17] <Renderer> During the process of game balancing
[16:17] <BlackSheep> trial and error...
[16:17] <LaRubin> Randomly selected numbers :))
[16:17] <BlackSheep> hehe
[16:18] <Renderer> ga, 15 minutes left
[16:18] <warlord> Sergei_S: Q: when our disk quota will be back again? :))
[16:18] <Sergei_S> well - this bothers me a lot!
[16:18] <LaRubin> Damn straight!
[16:18] <Sergei_S> :)
[16:18] <Sergei_S> ga
[16:18] <LaRubin> "Damn straight!"
[16:18] <BlackSheep> (c)
[16:18] <Renderer> Let's rock! (C)
[16:18] <warlord> Munsterbuster: Q: Do we see Homeplanets of the Races?
[16:19] <Renderer> Not in this game.
[16:19] <LaRubin> If someone will model them
[16:19] <Renderer> In Main we will se Minbar
[16:19] <LaRubin> If we'll do fully explorable universe...
[16:19] <Renderer> Yes, if someone will make it :)
[16:19] <LaRubin> and we know who.. ;)
[16:20] <Smasher> there was Z'ha'dum some time ago...
[16:20] <BlackSheep> @warlord...how many Qs on your pad?
[16:20] <Renderer> Right now we can see the Homeplanet of just one clan...
[16:20] <LaRubin> But!
[16:20] <LaRubin> If you go to Z'ha'dum....
[16:20] <warlord> 4 qs
[16:20] <BlackSheep> ...you will have to pay taxes
[16:20] <LaRubin> ...you will die...
[16:20] <Sergei_S> ...you will die!
[16:20] <Smasher> i was there :)
[16:21] <LaRubin> Then you're agent of the Shadows!!
[16:21] <Sergei_S> noone who goes there comes back alive!
[16:21] <Smasher> am i ? :)
[16:21] <Sergei_S> space him until it's too late!
[16:21] <LaRubin> ga
[16:21] <warlord> Vertigo1: Q: Will the Simulator room be like the one in X-Wing Alliance?
[16:21] <Renderer> ga
[16:22] <Renderer> It will be more like Homeplanet skirmish :)
[16:22] <LaRubin> there will be no room, just menus ;)
[16:22] <BlackSheep> the room in TIE Fighter rocked...
[16:22] <Renderer> Not enough room! (C)
[16:22] <Sergei_S> oh... more menus...
[16:22] <LaRubin> but you'll be able to create some mission for skirmish
[16:22] <LaRubin> or select a mission from the campaign to replay it
[16:23] <Renderer> Right
[16:23] <Renderer> ga?
[16:23] <LaRubin> ga
[16:23] <Sergei_S> *** ladies and gents: IFH download counter at Gamer's Hell just passed 10'000 downloads ***
[16:23] <warlord> Mayse: Q: Beam weapons, when?
[16:23] <LaRubin> Hurray!
[16:23] <Smasher> woohoo !
[16:23] <LaRubin> Beams weapons what?
[16:23] <BlackSheep> sharlin...
[16:23] <LaRubin> Omega has beam weapons
[16:24] <Renderer> Woooohoooo!!!
[16:24] <Sergei_S> yeah... omega rule :)
[16:24] * BlackSheep slaps warlord around a bit with a large trout
[16:24] <Renderer> Isn't that great?
[16:24] <Smasher> b-e-e-e-a-a-a-m-m-s-s-s
[16:24] <BlackSheep> ops
[16:24] <BlackSheep> wrong one
[16:24] <warlord> When we see them?
[16:24] <Renderer> ga
[16:24] * BlackSheep slaps Renderer around a bit with a large trout
[16:24] <BlackSheep> ha
[16:24] <Sergei_S> :)
[16:24] <Sergei_S> when the time is right...
[16:24] <warlord> Raven_software: Q: Are there any chance, that you include some "Arcade Flight Mode" ?
[16:24] <LaRubin> When? When you'll see Omega in action. Or Sharlin in action. Or nial..
[16:24] <Renderer> In main campaign for sure.
[16:24] <BlackSheep> that's the skirmish room
[16:24] <LaRubin> No chance :)
[16:25] <BlackSheep> oh
[16:25] <Renderer> If there will ba a main campaign
[16:25] * BlackSheep shuts up
[16:25] <Renderer> ga
[16:25] <LaRubin> ga
[16:25] <warlord> Alpha-1: Q: can the forward guns from the omega firing like we saw in "Endgame" (beam, pulse, beam) or can it only fiering in beam mode or pulse mode and noth in both together?
[16:25] *** Analogy has left #ifh
[16:26] <BlackSheep> well...seems to be a CGI glitch?
[16:26] <LaRubin> I should review Endgame (right after DVD release)
[16:26] <LaRubin> re-view
[16:26] <Renderer> They can fire in chain mode if correctly scripted...
[16:26] <LaRubin> I don't remember such a thing...
[16:26] <Marty> in the ep its like two or three pulses, then 2 second beam, 2,3 pulses
[16:26] <Renderer> ga
[16:27] <warlord> Dist: Q: How often do you guys sit down and watch B5?
[16:27] <LaRubin> ga
[16:27] <LaRubin> Usually I do it standing
[16:27] <BlackSheep> ha...I live in germany...no Bab5 here and...well...I...couldn't afford...uhm...I was too lazy to buy the DVDs yet... :)
[16:27] <Sergei_S> me - almost every day, looking for some cool things :)
[16:28] <BlackSheep> btw...on jan, 3rd is thirdspace in tv
[16:28] <BlackSheep> on
[16:28] <Renderer> When the next box arrives... I spend many evenings watching it... And of course re-watching the old eps from time to time.
[16:28] <LaRubin> Because I have TV/DVD in the other room so I need to run back and forth (between comp and TV).. and have to time to sit
[16:28] <Smasher> always, when have a free time
[16:28] <BlackSheep> I don't need to watch Bab5...Alpha captures me all scenes I need for the sound design :)
[16:29] <BlackSheep> ga?
[16:29] <Renderer> That's why BS is our weak spot...
[16:29] <Renderer> ga
[16:29] <warlord> BlackSheep: Q: will you build in a love-story?
[16:29] <LaRubin> ga
[16:29] <Renderer> Last question
[16:29] <LaRubin> LOOSE CANNON!
[16:29] * BlackSheep runs...
[16:29] * Sergei_S loves love-stories...
[16:30] * BlackSheep too
[16:30] <LaRubin> ...about how he has found her...
[16:30] <Sergei_S> :))
[16:30] <BlackSheep> nah, the enchanter goes boom...
[16:30] <BlackSheep> *whooops*
[16:30] <Renderer> Wake up guys! :) It's a space sim! :)
[16:30] <Sergei_S> another her
[16:30] *** SkalTura has quit IRC (Client exited)
[16:30] <BlackSheep> why no love story?
[16:30] <BlackSheep> we have hamlin!
[16:30] <BlackSheep> we have...errr...lambda!
[16:31] <Renderer> She's a spacebitch!
[16:31] <BlackSheep> even better!
[16:31] <BlackSheep> b?
[16:31] <Sergei_S> lambda... geeezz...
[16:31] <BlackSheep> bitch?
[16:31] <Renderer> We don't have Lambda anymore, right?
[16:31] <BlackSheep> not true :p
[16:31] <BlackSheep> still in contact with her! :p
[16:31] <BlackSheep> but I got a bunch of other females as actresses
[16:31] <Sergei_S> what do you need love story for then? :)
[16:31] <Renderer> Okay, she's still flying for Aunt Lise :)
[16:32] <BlackSheep> ...it's cooler...
[16:32] <LaRubin> Oh, we have Aunt Lise!
[16:32] <BlackSheep> love story or not...? Warlord, what do the poeple say?
[16:32] <LaRubin> Let's make love story for her!
[16:32] <Renderer> Sure thing
[16:32] <Sergei_S> *** My wish to everyone - READ DATABASE :) ***
[16:32] *** Zulu has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[16:33] <Renderer> PLEASE read it :)
[16:33] <warlord> Can I post more Q's?
[16:33] <warlord> Or was that it for today?
[16:33] <BlackSheep> ...I'm still here...
[16:33] <Renderer> How much?
[16:33] <warlord> 3 in unmoderated
[16:33] <BlackSheep> shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
[16:33] <Renderer> ga then
[16:33] <LaRubin> 3 and no more than that
[16:34] <Renderer> Okay, agreed
[16:34] <Sergei_S> 3 is sacred
[16:34] <warlord> GEC|OfficeComp2 Q: Have any of the devs read the Night's Dawn trilogy?
[16:34] * BlackSheep didn't
[16:34] <LaRubin> mmmmnope
[16:34] * Sergei_S too
[16:34] <Smasher> nope
[16:34] <Renderer> Nope
[16:34] <LaRubin> that was easy question ;)
[16:34] <Sergei_S> we are complete B5 freaks! :)
[16:34] <Renderer> ga
[16:35] <warlord> Dist Q: Are you guys on some irc-channel we could reach you from?
[16:35] <LaRubin> and SF...
[16:35] <LaRubin> only on private ones discussing our work
[16:35] <Renderer> No, we discuss busitess somewhere, no outsiders...
[16:35] <Renderer> busyness, sorry
[16:35] <Sergei_S> where 3 is sacred...
[16:35] <BlackSheep> ...hehe... :)
[16:35] <Sergei_S> business then :)
[16:35] <warlord> Dist Q: Will there be more dev-chats coming?
[16:36] <Renderer> yes :) It's getting late :)
[16:36] <LaRubin> Definitely
[16:36] <Sergei_S> if there is demand, there is supply :))
[16:36] <LaRubin> As soon as there will be a need
[16:36] <warlord> There was couple Q's left
[16:36] <BlackSheep> or if the forum goes down along the w
seems like i missed something from the log
here is the rest of it

[16:36] <BlackSheep> or if the forum goes down along the website ;)
[16:36] <Marty> lets save them
[16:36] <Marty> there's still forum
[16:36] <Renderer> Why not, but this chat was a bit disappointing (no storyline questions at all)
[16:37] <BlackSheep> heck, I didn't have any sound Qs...
[16:37] <Marty> Renderer: probably because not everyone has finished the cam paign yet
[16:37] <LaRubin> there was one
[16:37] <Renderer> Okay, 2 questions left? or 1?
[16:37] <warlord> Biggles: Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here?
[16:37] * Sergei_S still wants disk quota...
[16:37] <LaRubin> Oh, good one
[16:37] <BlackSheep> Yogi Black Sheep Loeschner - Money, Sounds, Happiness - Oleg asked me...
[16:38] <warlord> Renderer: There is one storyline Q if you want...
[16:38] <BlackSheep> ...well...what do I want...? Fun...a job, a girlfriend, a better car, an education, a possibility to build in my own music, some piano lesson....
[16:38] <Renderer> 1) Oleg Petrov, the guy responsible 2) I want to play KotOR 3) Because I'm not going to work tomorrow!
[16:38] <LaRubin> a game developer by chance - to create something big - because I can't be elsewhere
[16:39] <Renderer> 2warlord: ga
[16:39] <Renderer> The LAST one
[16:39] <warlord> Vertigo1: Q: Will more be revealed as to why Alpha 2 was so bitter about 1 being a telepath?
[16:39] <Sergei_S> 1) Sergei Shchavelev 2) Disk quota at the moment... 3) An old friend asked me...
[16:39] <BlackSheep> :)
[16:39] <LaRubin> 3) Who? :)
[16:39] * BlackSheep slaps LaRubin around a bit with a large trout
[16:39] <LaRubin> Oh!
[16:39] <Sergei_S> guess who? :D
[16:40] <LaRubin> I'm not that old ;)
[16:40] <Renderer> Not only A2... All squad was... well... unhappy...
[16:40] <LaRubin> Yeah
[16:40] <BlackSheep> ...hey, a love story...A2?
[16:40] <LaRubin> Just imagine that situation
[16:41] <Renderer> Because he wasn't honest with them, in their opinion just used them.
[16:41] <Renderer> And A2 and the rest won't be happy to accept the new Alpha leader
[16:41] <BlackSheep> ...the poor dude...
[16:42] <Renderer> But that is for Main Campaign
[16:42] <BlackSheep> hey wait...was that pre-release info?
[16:42] <BlackSheep> :)
[16:42] <LaRubin> Yeah and THAT WAS THE MAIN POINT OF ALL :)
[16:42] <Sergei_S> To be continued...
[16:42] <Sergei_S> of it ALL!
[16:42] <warlord> There's no more q's
[16:42] <BlackSheep> perfect!
[16:42] <Renderer> Great< thanks everyone for coming here!
[16:42] <Sergei_S> good then - thank you for coming and asking :)
[16:42] <warlord> If I didn't miss some in the way
[16:42] <BlackSheep> yup, thanks a lot...
[16:42] <Marty> Thanks to warlord for moderating :)
[16:43] <LaRubin> Yeah! Thanks! And thanks for your feedback on the forums!
[16:43] <Renderer> Somebody grab a log! :)
[16:43] <Smasher> thanks to everyone
[16:43] <Sergei_S> -m
[16:43] <Sergei_S> i think :)
[16:43] *** warlord sets mode: -m

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