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B5:IFH Cover ready for print

So what's the verdict on this game? I just saw another thread, basically melancholy that the game wasn't going to happen. So where does this game's future actually stand?

Rommie :D

that was a different game. Several years ago the officially licensed B5 game (Into the Fire) was canned by Sierra, in spite of any number of preview articles in the online gaming press suggesting that it was going to be something pretty special.

IFH (I've Found Her) on the other hand is a Freeware, totally unlicensed game put together by a group of guys simply for the love of it.

Whilst I wouldn't pretend to have paid this the closest attention, I don't recall there being any suggestion at any point that it wasn't going to happen.


They are probably still debugging (and sorting out their little quarrel -- of which I possess no further info, but which I hope was not serious).