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B5 Hashtag ( #freeBabylon5 ) on Twitter


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Found this over at jmsnews:

Free Babylon 5!

Evidently, after Babylon 5 was mentioned on some recent episode of Breaking Bad, there is now some idea to re-spark interest in Babylon 5 and gain Warner Brothers attention via the use of a Twitter Hashtag. #freeBabylon5

I'm not sure how Twitter works, and it's always seemed like unreliable, randomly working magic to me, but what the hell, use the hashtag and indicate demand for Babylon 5 (and Crusade and The Telepath War). I did. My handle is MacBreck or @MacBreck. Let's stir the pot!




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they've just set up a web page (blank at the moment) and there is more info on facebook....

On a completely unrelated topic to the previous post showing the mystery 3D render, which I’ve stuck up here again since only one person f’ing shared it. ; )

If you want to see more Babylon 5 being made you should ‘like’ the page on the end of this link, and point every sci-fi fan you know to it.


For years jms has said fan based campaigns are a waste of time, now he’s done a complete 180 on that - spending a few hours last night tweeting with folks on the future prospects of a new Babylon 5 show.

I’m not suggesting there’s any significance in the fact that the shows 20th anniversary is next year (this year was the 20th for the movie, a separate thing). But stuff does go on behind-the-scenes that fans aren’t always aware of.

I’m also not suggesting you should send emails or write letters. That’s too much like hard work personally – but pressing a button!! Maybe using the #FreeBabylon5 if tweeting is your thing. Letting others (not just existing B5 fans) know about it, is so easy to do.

It’s also easy to be cynical after all this time, but what harm could it do. There might even be a few major surprises waiting in the wings……. Wings! Get it. ; )

BTW. A little known fact is that when B5 was first on the air, Warner Bros. paid very close attention to the online activity of fans – and jms’s interaction with them.
There's a basic information page up at http://freebabylon5.com/ now. Later on there'll be ways to contact WB and TV stations about getting the show back on the air (or on cable, or even streaming (legally)).

And to be clear, that's all this is about - getting B5 back available so that potential fans might be able to find it and watch it. Maybe in the future something new might come along but that's not what we're concentrating on.

Anybody who doesn't want to help, that's up to them. But I hope they (you all) will join in. As JMS posted:

JMS said:
Point is, whether we do more B5 or not, the show is going to continue to fall into obscurity unless it's put out where people can see it, and the fandom will continue to diminish. If you're cool with that, then you don't have to do anything. If you'd like to see the original show grow and expand within the ranks of fandom, then maybe some involvement would be a good idea.

Raise awareness?? To heck with that! Let's get Babylon 5 on the official ballot! I hadn't realized that this is still the nomination phase. We've got until the 31st to write it in as many times as possible and get on the ballot!! From the site:

Vote often through October 31st to make sure your favorites become Official People's Choice Awards 2014 nominees.
Voting for the winners begins on November 5th.

So keep voting, many times per day, every day! And get all of your friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers and random strangers to vote, too! Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and whatever other social networks are popular.

This could be really cool if it works... #FreeBabylon5 http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominations/vote.jsp?pollId=130040
Quite a few people on various sites have asked for more t-shirts. This new design will be available only through November and are being sold at no mark-up through CafePress (which has excellent international shipping rates).


I like them a lot!

Two quick news items. Sadly, despite many of you voting your fingers to the bone, Babylon 5 didn't make it onto the ballot for the People's Choice awards. Thanks to everybody who helped. Let's keep trying to find inventive ways to increase awareness of Babylon 5!

Also, those who get the B5 Books newsletter may already know this but B5 Books announced last night that for the month of November they're extending the debut discount period on the gorgeous B5-20 book AND for each B5-20 sold this month, they're donating $10 to #FreeBabylon5. Woo-Hoo!!
ORDER B5-20, HELP #FreeBabylon5

We are extending the $46 off debut discount of B5-20 for the month of November. For every Babylon 5 at Twenty sold during November, we will donate $10 to #FreeBabylon5.

Here it is! It's time to 'get organized and loud', as JMS said back in September.

Support the Thunderclap and send the word out to everyone that you want Babylon 5 back on the air and you want all of your contacts to join us in contacting anybody likely to show Babylon 5 and let them know that we want to #FreeBabylon5!


I sent a Feedback email to Ion-TV asking them to air "Babylon 5" in syndication, since they have a contract with Warner Brothers Domestic TV Distribution. I mentioned the #FreeBabylon5 campaign and website.


Here's what I wrote:
Has Ion-TV ever considered airing the award winning TV series "Babylon 5" (Warner Bros.) in syndication? The Series creator J. Michael Straczynski and #FreeBabyloon5 movement is trying to get back on TV here in the US (It's already back on in the UK.) to expose it to a new audience and hopefully get new Babylon 5 universe projects made. Personally, I'd like to see the "Crusade" (the Babylon 5 spinoff and last good thing made in the Babylon 5 universe) somehow continued.

See http://freebabylon5.com/about/

BTW, WINP-TV is the Pittsburgh (with an h) PA market. I'm watching Psych on it right now.
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Posting this here as well as at JMSNews.com:

Hey everyone, I just want to add my voice to the already loud shout of appreciation for Jan's hard work on this campaign. Doesn't she deserve a BIG shout of praise for her continuing commitment to the #FreeBabylon5 campaign?

It's not easy to organise all this stuff as well as hold down a normal life ... as well as the expense of funding the campaign mostly out of her own pocket.

And I for one wouldn't know how to handle myself in front of many fans at the forthcoming Comic Con.

It's about time we thanked Jan and Jenny plus the other campaign front runners for their determination, massive amount of hard work ... and now sleepless nights to add to that ... in keeping this campaign running!

Way to go, Jan. We're all with you.
Thanks, Endymion!

Let's do a BIG letter writing push this coming week! A bunch of the folks at the Space City Con last weekend wrote letters while there and I'm mailing them off. Now it's your turn. Targets are the CEO of WB Entertainment and the Chairman of NBC Universal:

Kevin Tsujihara, CEO
Warner Bros. Entertainment
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505

Bonnie Hammer, Chairman
NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group
14th Floor
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Please post here when you've written and mailed your letter!

Weekend Sale! http://www.freebabylon5tees.org/ has lowered the price of the #FreeBabylon5 t-shirts still in stock after the Space City con to only $15 until Monday only! Get yours while there's the best selection of sizes and colors available! Remember, proceeds go to benefit Claudia Christian's C Three Foundation.


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