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B5 Graphic Novels??


I see at Amazon.com there are what looks to be Graphic Novels listed:

Babylon 5: Psi Corps (To be released in October 2004)
128 pages $16.97, marked down from $24.95
Babylon 5: The Zocalo (To be Published in Sept 2004, but no release date)
128 pages $24.95
Babylon 5: The Rangers (To Be Published December 2004, but no release date)
128 pages $24.95

We've heard about a Graphic Novel for some time, looks like it will be at least 3, though.

Anyone know any specifics about these?
I did a search on Mongoose Publishing. Seems these books have to do with RP games.


Bummer, I was hoping, what with all the re-releases of B5 and JMS novels, they might be the Collection of the previously released Comics, I've only read the Synopses on Lurker's Guide for them.
You can get B5 comics at milehighcomics.com. I recently got the last issue that I needed to complete my set there.

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