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I'm an old school gamer that prefers to sit down face to face with people and roll dice in our Roleplaying.
I use a home brewed d100 system, etc., and am looking for some source material after my old laptop crashed and burned.
I used to go to the B5Tech.com site, but it's been a long time since that place was fully functional, and the miscellaneous tech page has long since gone back to being under construction.
I am hopeful that someone might, for whatever reason, either know the owner of that site or maybe have access to those pages.

Or does anyone have a similar site that's still up and running with info on different tech and devices used in the B5 universe?
I'm just looking for base descriptions of what the tech is and roughly how it works.
I hope that makes sense....

Thanks for your time and attention.

Still miss B5... think it's past due for me to binge watch the DVDs again. :)
I should note that I am specifically looking for info on Jumpgates, the Hyperspace Tap, other powersources, and any and all gadgets/gear that floated in and out of the stories.
Not quite what you're asking for, but at some time in the past I'd come across books for an actual B5 pen 'n paper RPG.

If you were to google them you'd probably have a good start on what you're looking to do.

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