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B5 game setting



What do you think would be a good setting for a Babylon 5 game? It would depend on the type of game you wanted to do. There is 1st person shooter, RPG, strategy, adventure. I was thinking that you really wouldn't to do a game based straight from original episodes; it would lack the drama of a new story considering you know what was going to happen, though it wouldn't be so bad being able to explore Babylon 5 itself. I was thinking a FPS, were you would go back a thousand years and play Q'quan or one of his followers and help to drive the Shadows off Narn. It would be an area not to well explored in the B5 universe and provide another story in the B5 epic. What do you think?

Oh, and I am aware of the Into the Fire game and the mods, just want you think a new game should be like.
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Well, some of the B5 RPG campaings I've done:

On the station, wandering around downbelow, and then there's the more political and proper settings for the EF characters.

Wandering around Proxima III.

Mars Resistance.

A rescue mission to the Narn homeworld

Some meanderings through the Crusade timeline.

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My planned RPG campaign was to take the characters from the Minbari War to being Rangers mopping up after the fall of the Shadows. It would have divided up into about four sections, the War, where they learn to hate Minbari but respect the Anla'Shok; the Interim, where they rebuild their lives, follow new careers and gain new skills and ppossibly learn of the darkness rising; the War with the Shadows - this is where they would have the chance to become Rangers and make a difference; Aftermath - less arc intense, and probably most like the coming telemovie / series. Like in a Pendragon campaign, each scenario would take place roughly a year on from the next and there would have been some importance placed on building relationships, manoeuvering the senior characters into positions of influence so that that influence could be called on later by the now-central junior characters.

Applying these ideas to computer rather than tabletop games, B5 would seem to offer opportunities for all of the main types of computer game. Starship combat set during the Earth-Minbari war would be interesting (but playing the Earth side rather pointless), and probably better suited to the War with the Shadows, the War with Earth and other elements of the B5 series period such as the Narn-Centauri War. An RPG would probably focus best around the Rangers, possibly in searching out Shadow tech following the establishment of the Alliance. A First Person shooter based a similar situation would also work well. An alternative RPG side would take in some of the diplomatic work that proved necessary to build the IA. Or how about a PsiCop, tracking down rogue teeps, and finding out that they are actually disappearing into a black project - not all members of the Corps necessarily knew about their diabolical plans!


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