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B5 & Firefly: Taking a Financial Risk?

So there is going to be a Firefly feature film & (supposedly) a B5 feature film. The logical side of me is saying, Hey, wait--entertainment companies usually don't risk money on things that aren't well known by the mainstream, while the emotional side is saying, Who cares? Let's *party*!!! I am wondering why this is happening, though. I feel like I've gone into a parallel universe where all the good stuff actually gets another chance. Is it more than just DVD sales, because I can't believe it could just be that. Is overseas popularity figuring into this?

ST:Nemesis took $43mil in USA and $24mil Overseas. I think it is good (and realistic) benchmark for B5 feature.

If B5 will make similar boxoffice figures i think WB will be very happy.
And it's worth noting that it made that money despite getting panned by critics and criticised by fans. Plus, I guess films like LOTR, Minority Report etc have shown that Studios can do big budget, non "mainstream" movies and turn a profit.

there's a lot of similarly "risky" (in 80's/90's "high concept" terms) movies coming out this year: Chronicles of Riddick, Troy, I, Robot etc.