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B5 Events

Apologies for the late announcement. Work takes up A LOT of my time and most of my energy.

The next event is The 17TH and oh wow!



So we'll have TALIA WINTERS being interviewed by LYTA ALEXANDER!!!!!

Unfortunately EARLY BIRD ticket sales end tomorrow, so you'll have to act fast or pay $10 more.
Okay everyone here is the next event.....

The Delicious with Claudia Christian

You have until the 15TH for discounted Early Bird tickets. BTW, The Open House that starts an hour before the event will give you the opportunity to talk with this guy and actually see what my stunning face looks like. (SORRY IN ADVANCE) :p

I'm hoping we'll have recently announced huge news from JMS to discuss because I really don't what to try to work it out of these two. I wonder which of them would slip up first? (Claudia, definitely Claudia. She doesn't seem like she would be good with such secrets though to my knowledge neither of them have let anything leak on Facebook.).
And that's a wrap!!!!!

B5Events is no more according to Patricia Tallman. She will continue to have events, but they will be through her Patreon, so you'll have to subscribe to attend.


The only thing that was really announced is the end of B5Events and the beginning of THE MAGIC VAULT. The Vault is a seminar platform where you can, for instance, pay for several cooking lessons with Claudia. She is an amazing Chef. I'd love to do it, but like all things involving the culinary arts I would be very frustrated. :rolleyes:

THE DELICIOUS Event was great and I'm glad B5Events went out on that high note. The first hour had a lot of interesting Q&A, but again nothing was answered about new B5 stuff. The Spotlight was great because it was not only interesting, but there was a lot of Pat and Claudia just goofing off in the kitchen.

So in the end B5Events provided me with many wonderful Saturday afternoons. I'm sorry they decided to make it subscription based because I'm just not willing to start paying for another subscription. If you are interested I do encourage you to subscribe. It sounds like Pat does a lot of stuff with her patrons, so I'm sure it is worth the price. It just isn't worth the price to me because I would have to give up other subscriptions I don't wish to cancel. And honestly I'm sick of our new state of being where everything comes as a subscription.

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