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B5 Episodes You Prefer To Skip?


If had to determine my favourite B5 episodes I would say that I have 105 out of 110 favourite ones.Every episode is a unique part of the whole story, even if it's a stand alone.There are only few episodes that I oftenly skip when I rewatch the series:




I don't mean that those episodes are bad but they simply don't make me rewatch them over and over again like the others.
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Some of mine would be:

The Exercise of Vital Powers
Strange Relations
The only thing that prompts me to rewatch "Soul Hunter" is the scene where Franklin comments about life while he and Ivanova are overseeing the launching into the sun of the body of the murdered lurker. Otherwise, that episode would be on my list of ones I'd skip.
I don't skip any, I really don't like watching a couple of them, but I still don't skip them.
Same here. Even the worst episodes have some elements that tie into one of the arcs, so I do not skip any episodes. But there are some scenes I wish hadn't been included, like the Ivanova sex dance around the Lumati. It's embarrassing.
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I don't feel tempted to skip any, except Interactions in real time. It's jaw-breakingly boring!
The ones I prefer to skip are equivalent to my least favorite episodes, which are:

- Soul Hunter (D-)
- Believers (D-)
- Intersections in Real Time (D)

And, I can't remember which episode it's in, but I always fast-forward through the scene where Ivanova has diplomatic "sex" with the arrogant alien ambassador.

As for ones already mentioned, Exogenesis (C-), Survivors (C), and The Exercise of Vial Powers (C+) are not great either, but I can sit through them. Oddly enough, when I graded & ranked every episode in an Excel spreadsheet a few years back, I actually gave TKO, GROPOS, and Strange Relations all a B-. I guess everyone's different.

That spreadsheet is four years old, probably the last time I watched every episode back to back. Since fall 2004, new TV shows have been so good, I haven't had much time for DVDs. I'm tempted to watch the whole series again this summer. I wonder if I'll feel differently about episode quality now.
I love Believers, because it's all too believable. The sort of circumstances that shouldn't arise, but that do.

I'm sometimes tempted to skip the "political" episodes, such as the one where the blonde political advisor with the horrid dead voice was sent to B5. It set my teeth on edge, although it was refreshing to see her sent back where she came from.
I forgot to mention "Intersections In Real Time".It's hard to watch a proud man like Sheridan tied and interrogated in a prison cell.
I don';t skip that episode, but I really don't like it. It's really not realistic in any way and I'm sure that all the political prisoners put there that have been tortured wish they only had to endure what Sherdian went through.
It's really not realistic in any way and I'm sure that all the political prisoners put there that have been tortured wish they only had to endure what Sherdian went through.
From what I understand, it was actually pretty realistic ...... for that subset of political prisoners that the powers that be want to be able to parade around in very public repentence (and therefore want to not be *visibly* damaged at all).

Granted that is a limited subset ....... they have to be well known public figures to have enough propaganda value. Still, .....
Hello, Pillow Rock! I haven't seen you posting here in a while.

This isn't a political forum, so I don't want to stir up a political discussion, but...

I think Sheridan's interrogation was more or less consistent with what the US military considered legal, or at least doable, prior to 9/11. Of course, some countries would have gone further, as now does the US.
Although I'd be tempted to skip TKO And Infection, I prefer to just tank it and go all the way through.
Although I'd be tempted to skip TKO And Infection, I prefer to just tank it and go all the way through.

I think I have watched "TKO" and "GROPOS" twice and that was enough for me.Episodes like "The Fall Of Night" or "Interludes and Examinations"are something completely different.I've rewatched them so many times and I still find them interesting.
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This go through, I am not skipping any episodes. I do find something enjoyable and new even in the ones I don't care for. In Soul Hunter (which I do like), this time I noticed "if you fall I will catch you" spoken the 1st time in the series.
The eps that I have skipped in the past - Comes the Inquisitor, Learning Curve, Corps is Mother...
Definetely Exogenesis.

In Grey 17 is Missing, I tend to skip most of the Grey 17 story. I actually find it kind of interesting until Garibaldi actually gets there. Still, the parts with Neroon are worth watching so I just skip to those scenes.
Ah, it's time for my annual "defend Intersection in Real Time" post. Ok, here goes- it freakin' rules! One of the finest B5 moments, easily.

And yes, it certainly is realistic. The idea of using physical breakdown and confusion to wipe a victim's mind clean in order to re-configure their ideas has been done, and was actually based on some early psychological experimentation, linked with shock therapy.

Other things I love about the episode- I'm just a sucker for the theatrical 2-man play setup. Of course it requires actors of high caliber and the interrogator was perfect and Sheridan is just criminally underrated as an actor on this show- even by fans. While the understandable consensus is that G'Kar and Londo had the best actors, I consider Sheridan to be in that company.

Frankly I don't understand the hate on this ep at all. I don't think I could've been as big a fan as I am of B5 without this and another fan-hated episode- the one where the slimy enemy journalists create a BS news report on purpose.

Star Trek set the standard for connecting sci-fi TV with real-life issues, but B5 took it to the next level by adding these kinds of specific elements. It's precisely these eps that set the show apart.

Anyway, to answer the original question- I f'n hate Grail.
Grail didn't make a lot of sense, but I don't hate it.

Oddly enough, I never liked Comes the Inquisitor either, even though I have no trouble with Sinclair being tortured by Knights 1 and 2 in the first season. Maybe because the revelation of "there's a hole in your mind" blew me away the first time I watched the series.
Got to pitch in with GKE on Intersections ... for me, it is right up there among the best. 3-4 episodes. And in terms of acting, two things jump out.

Compare Bruce's performances in this episode and in Points of Departure, and you can start to see the range the guy has as an actor.

IIRC, Raye Birk (better known as Papshmir in the Naked Gun movies, of course) was called in as a last minute replacement and didn't have enough time to prepare for the ep to be shot in the way it was originally intended (i.e. with the acts filmed as single takes), but he did brilliant job nonetheless.

As to episodes I am tempted to skip ... not many really ... TKO just doesn't work for me (but then I don't get the appeal of boxing either so that probably doesn't help), Convictions is just a slice of nothingness ... in fact, it tends to be some of the standalone stuff that I just find less interesting.
TKO is generally slammed... I remember Recoil once had a pretty cool post defending it. And I actually am quite a boxing fan, but the reason I didn't really like the episode was the execution of it. Just kind awkward and clumsy.

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