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B5 eBooks


Does anyone know where I can find the B5 ebooks? I have them all in paperback but I'd like to be able to read them on my ipad. I just can't bring myself to cut them up and scan them, I want to keep the originals intact.
At least, at Amazon you can vote for books to be released for the Kindle.

If you're American. No such link for the rest of us. So we have to rely on you people clicking it!

But yeah, I wish they did, too (and without geographical restrictions, please).

I've got all the novels but even so - I rarely read paper books any more, as the Kindle (or even my older Sony) is just so much more comfortable to hold, so if I wanted to re-read any of them, I'd love to have them as ebooks instead.

I guess there's just not enough perceived market for them, as presumably they'd need to go the scanning-OCR-proofreading way for the B5 books (more costly than using existing files), plus negotiate new contracts with all the authors. But still, one can hope and wish.
OK, I did it. Doubt it will do any good though but it only took a few minutes to click them all.
I have a question...are the B5 books any good?

The Canon ones are *Psi Corps Trilogy, Centauri Trilogy and Technomage Trilogy, plus To Dream in the City of Sorrows and The Shadow Within.

....and the answer to Alexa's question, regarding the above books, is YES. The novelizations of In the Beginning and Thirdspace, both by Peter David, are pretty good. The novelization of A Call to Arms has a couple redeeming bits, but on the whole, I thought it was poor.

The last two novels that Sindatur listed are Dell #9 and #7 respectively.

IMHO, Dell #1 thru #6 and #8 are a non-canon waste of time. #4 and #5 are the worst.

See the FAQ thread.
This is one of those things that intrigues me about publishers ...

We haven't seen any new B5 books since those trilogies ended because sales weren't good enough to justify a company spending money on new material. However, these old books, presumably, already exist in some kind of electronic format.

Does it really cost that much money to convert them to eBook format and make them available for download. It isn't like they need a new print run or any of the associated costs, they just need to create a digital file and distribute it to the appropriate stores.

How expensive can that be really ... might even be the thing I need to finally justify buying a Kindle.
They'd also need to renegotiate the rights with the authors, presumably. I doubt ebook rights were included in the original contracts.

And from what I've gathered on the Kindle forums - from people who have worked in publishing - it's not a given that there are electronic files, suitable or otherwise, in existence, for books published even ten years ago.
In addition, a license fee would need to be negotiated with Warner Bros. So while re-publishing the books might not be as expensive as originally, it definitely wouldn't be cheap.


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