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B5 dvd packaging & artwork


New member
Just a thort...but....
Considering the poor quality of boxes for the first 3 seasons could WB not post artwork for slim cases so fans can print them & then put the discs in a case which is not going to scrach the precious dvd we have all paid for with hard earned money.
As a fan who has bourght all the vids & now all the dvd's I would like to see something being given back to fans for all their support of the show....
Then again do WB really care?

Nice Flounder, my first thought also.

I myself use the custom DVD art for the normal-size cases. I decided to go with appearance over saving space (I figure if I'm going through all the trouble of printing it out I may as well have it look as best as possible). The set looks gorgeous on my shelf.

If I was into collecting other DVDs I'd use Ric Easton's cover art for everything except Lord of the Rings.

Last I checked he was also working on custom art for the entire Star Trek franchise- that is, one set of cover art that connects all 5 series in story chronological order.