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B5 DVD - Episode Order


I saw this post on JMSNEWS.com

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
<font color="orange">>Just idle curiosity - are you going to ask Warner Home Video to finally
>put the episodes in the order you planned for them, with the small
>improvements in foreshadowing and "flow" that provides (and the major
>continuity glitch it avoids for "Day of the Day") or will you just let
>them go out in the airdate order we've all become accustomed to?

I think to get them to restructure all their formats which have gone to
stations and cable networks round the world would be more work than they'd be
willing to do.

jms</font color>


I have but three questions.

1) I wasnt even aware of a "JMS Preferred" episode order for B5. Crusade, yes, but not B5 that I heard of. Does anyone know what this "preferred" order is? I cant imagine it is more than 1 or 2 episodes bumped up a spot or two.

2) How hard would it be for WB to put them in that order for DVDs? I wouldnt think it would be very hard at all.

3) Ok, so you have bought the DVD set and its in the "airdate" order. Can't people just WATCH it in whatever order they want? /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
If I recall correctly, only a few episodes were bumped up (due to massive CGI work that needed more time), but it never caused any major errors. However, sometimes the memory is rusty...
Lurkers' has info on the JMS prefered order. I, too, don't think it would be any trouble at all to put them in the proper order, but with DVDs, not tapes, it will be easy for us to watch them in the proper order.
I know "Day of the Dead" has a problem in continuity - though I couldn't remember where it was when it first aired ... at least with other series (namely 'Star Trek') they'll often air the reruns in production order instead of aired order (which isn't a problem except when there is continuity - and the one time in TNG where there was a few episode continuity the production order messed it up!) ... anyway, well the problem with "Day of the Dead" is that G'kar and Londo are in the episode on B5 though in the previous episode they were heading back from Centauri Prime and in the following episode they return from Centauri Prime. Plus I think Garbaldi seems relatively at ease for having just found out Bester put Asimovs in his mind and started drinking again - and didn't he say something to the effect to Dodge that he didn't drink? I think that story would go better before the main Telepath arc ...

As for any other episode ... I don't remember ever seeing problems ...
Oh, God...as good as the Official B5 Chronology otherwise was, you do NOT want to see what the author came up with for his "official episode order"...for instance, he placed the "A Voice In The Wilderness" two-parter and "Babylon Squared" somewhere like halfway through the first season, based on some illogically-analyzed line of dialogue from the episode "The Quality of Mercy", by which he believed Lennier back-dated roughly a half-dozen or so stories to that point in time. Or something. Ick. /forums/images/icons/confused.gif /forums/images/icons/rolleyes.gif

So, I'd just abide by the Lurker Guide's "Master List" for proper viewing-order, as it doesn't rip the continuity to shreds like the Official Chronology does:

Lurker's Guide "Master Order Listing"
Yeah, and at least the Lurker's Guide list had that particular detail straight, eh? /forums/images/icons/cool.gif

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