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B5 & DS9 - hand in hand?


After I learned that AntonyF was not only a B5 fan - but that he preferred DS9 - my socks were blown off. A new found respect permeated the virtual air. While I'm a DS9 fan, I am in the camp that says "B5 rules... DS9 needs lessons!"

While B5 is my "raison d'etre", when it comes to TV, I have since understood that you can love both series.

In my local series reruns, I have re-watched "Far Beyond the Stars" and "In the Pale Moonlight" in the past week. These are two of the BEST episodes of sci-fi of all time, and Avery Brooks still remains (much to me being mocked) one of my favorite actors.

Granted, they don't compare to B5. However, Garak is a damn cool character, and you get some great moments with Avery Brooks and the camera.

Granted, I'll never forgive DS9 for coming up with a term like "bio-memedic gel"... it only made Bashir's character even lamer... but the fact remains that these two episodes were two of the best ever written.


And I'm a Bab-5 fan.

And Garek rocks. He'd play a mean rhythm guitar.

Check it. - Tim
Couldn't agree more. In the Pale Moonlight is the best hour of Star Trek ever made.
Just a quick question;

I've watched all of B5 in every form possible. However, I have not seen anything DS9 on DVD.

Are there any Andrew Robinson / Garak bits on the DS9 DVDs, whether extras, commentaries, or anything?

Regards, as ever,


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DS9 was quite good but IMO much of it's concept was 'borrowed' from B5. However, I don't want to start a B5 vs DS9 debate - both are very good shows, but for me B5 is tops :)

I haven't seen those episodes your mentioned - I assume they are in the later series (5,6 &b 7) which I have not seen much of (due to Sky One changing there schedule :mad:).

For me, the best episode was The Visitor - an excellent piece of storytelling :) I think that it was nominated for a Hugo the same year that Coming Of Shadows won.

I would buy DS9 on DVD but it is about twice the price of B5 and I just don't have that much money at the moment :(
heheh, the funny this is, when I saw that episode, I liked it because I thought "Now this seems a lot more like Babylon 5..."
I don't know the episodes by name. I do remember that my favorite DS9 from the latter half of the series was about how Garak and Sisko got the Romulans involved in the Dominion War.

"Computer- delete personal log."

That was pretty great.
FlipperPA, I believe that is biomimetic gel. Mimetic means imitative. Not that your mispelling negates anyone's annoyance with technobabble... :D ;) :D
You're probably right. I was trying to make it sound like "med", I guess since he's the doctor and all.

I can deal with most technobabble... but that term, for some reason, just REALLY irked me. I can't put my finger on why.

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