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B5 D20


Sorry if this is a repeat post, but has anyone here gotten the Babylon 5 D20 game? I have a few of the books, but one thing I notice is that it's a highly confining system (unless you take the game outside the television series storyline.)

Just curious who has gotten it and if anyone has run a campaign.
I probably don't know.

A strong indication towards that... is not knowing what the abbreviation D20 denotes. Probably not a spaceflight simulator? :)
I have it, but haven't run it, as I, and all my mates, hate the D20 system.

(D20 = 20 sided dice, in this context meaning the generic and surprisingly prominent, yet unpopular, system used by Wizards of the Coast).

The capaign book thing they did: Fiery Trial, I think it's called, is really good though. A top quality RPG arc, and it links nicely with the TV show...

I am an amateur of role-playing games (RPG) and got all their books published so far. Like Vonbloodbath, my group and I prefer to play an other system (in our case it's GURPS). Still, Mongoose managed to modify the D20 system to give it the right B5 flavour, somehow. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna change a few rules of my own, mind you. I plan to play "The Fiery Trial" later, when the most important sourcebooks will be available. In 2004, Mongoose plan to release a Technomages sourcebook and an Advanced Space Combat box set among other things. That could be good, except there is already an excellent line of miniatures out there (B5Wars), although it's a defunct one, sadly. In short, I would have prefered it in GURPS, but am just pleased there is a playable version available.

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