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B5 / Crusade Region 2 DVDs

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Darren C

Hey all,

Does anyone know anything about the Region 2 release of Season 5 on DVD? We've got the last 4, but it appears that those lucky Yanks have got Season 5!

Also, the movies...There's a Region 1 box set of all 5 (The Gathering, In The Beginning, Thirdspace, River of Sould and A Call To Arms), but there's a Region 2 box set due out with just Thirdspace, River of Souls and Call to Arms on.

What's going on?

And what about a Region 2 release of Crusade while we're at it!
WB hasn't made any official announcement, and I think that they will not intend to do. My guess would be, that S5 release date will announced in August or such and DVD's will be on sale in December. Crusade DVD's and the 5 movie Box Set... Well.. we will get our hands on those in the year 2005. If we're lucky.
I think the movie boxset is supposed to be out later this year (around august/september?) but the problem is we only get three movies on it.

I've seen Season Five has a release date in November but I don't think it is 100% official yet.
Oh, cool...

Something to moderate. :)

Darren, we try to keep duplicate threads to a minimum, and also try to organize the discussion a bit by having separate areas for different interests. You opened this thread in the "B5 World" section, which is set aside for talk about any of the actual shows: Episodes, characters, production etc.

We have another section called "B5 Related", for talk relating to any of the shows: Merchandise, DVDs, websites etc. That's where this post really belongs.

Finally (in the area of Babylon 5) we have "B5 Personnel", for talk that relates to casts or crews: JMS, cast appearances, cast news etc.

Since your question is both asked and answered in the correct forum, I'm going to close this thread and leave it as a pointer to the other thread.


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