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B5 Crew Jacket - thinking on selling this - update


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Greetings friends, My name is Jeff Chabotte. You don't know me but i guess you could know me as a prop collector of Back to the Future items.. currently i own Griff's BMW from part 2, as well as the only gold overcoat that Doc Brown wears that Universal doesn't currently own. anyways, i'm not here about BTTF stuff, I'm here about a piece from B5.

About a year ago, i met, and became friends with Gary Lavarack, he was a visual effects artist on b5 here's his imdb. http://imdb.com/name/nm1145685/ (even though it doesn' list b5, currently, it was in fact there before) Gary has recently come to the decision to depart with his beloved b5 video f/x crew jacket.

here's the description:

This jacket was given to the crew by Ron Thornton and Paul Bryant in the second season of Babylon 5 production at Foundation Imaging in Valencia, CA. The jacket also includes the logo patch for HyperNaughts, the first and only season of an ABC 13 week production about space kids in the future that were police cadets and their wild adventures. When Disney bought out ABC, HyperNaughts was then cancelled after only airing 8 episodes, with the remaining episodes being aired at odd times, usually very early in the morning, because of contractual obligations. The crew completed all 13 episodes. My job was as a compositor/animator for both productions. On the back of the jacket is embroidered the logo emblem of Foundation Imaging in black satin. The jacket is black denim cotton, hardly worn, with a light winter liner inside that is removable. No snags, rips or damage of any kind. The jacket is mint. It has both the Babylon 5 patch and the HyperNaughts patch on the front as well as a patch that says VFX CREW (video effects crew).

As a friend of Gary's, i can indeed say that this is a VERY nice jacket. Gary is selling this jacket in order to raise funding tor a new robotics endeavor. I currently have the jacket in my posession to take photos for Gary as he'd like to sell it on ebay. I will try to post some tomorrow evening. I thought i'd stop by here and share the opportunity for the true die-hards to own this before we decide to ebay it. if you have a serious offer, feel free to PM me, and i will discuss it with Gary.

-Jeff Chabotte

Update: here are the pictures, notice there is no frayed stitching. the liner is removable. this jacket has been cared for since it was new and rarely worn only by Gary Lavarack.





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