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B5 Concept Art In Show & to Benefit Biggs Family


Reposted with permission of Jahkneebee, who won the Peter Ledger painting in the
JMS auctions:
Concept Art at Art Show

The following is from a Press Release by Mango Tango Art Gallery In St Thomas,
US Virgin Islands:

Art Party with St Croix's King, rock n roll, and surprise Babylon 5

St. Croix's Judith King presents eight oil-on-canvas paintings....at an Art
Party at Mango Tango Gallery in St Thomas, set for October 25 from 5:30 to 8:30

Gallery co-owner Smokey Pratt and John Brittain, who have teamed up for a decade under the name 2 Blue Shoes, will play original blues and rock n roll tunes from Van Morrison, Randy Newman, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan for the evening's upbeat festivities.

Pratt and Brittain are fans of the epic sci-fi series Babylon 5. Brittain
discovered award-winning writer and producer J. Michael Straczynski was
auctioning the original storyboard painting of the interior of the Babylon 5
Station. Brittain bid and is now the proud owner of this detailed work of art.
The gallery will showcase the original and offer prints of this phenomenal piece
at the art party. For more information call 340-777-3060 [this is a number where
orders can be placed also].

----------------end press release - begin post on JMSNews.com forum------------

I wish all the lurkers and posters could come down to join the party (and to
hear my band, of course). I really wanted to invite all of ya'll, even though
the expense is a bit much for a one nighter (it always is you know). So here is
the invite. But to quote Ron Popiel: "Wait, there's more"!

This is just step one. JMS made it clear that I would have the copyright, and it
was his opinion that I should sell copies to defray my investment. I don't want
to disagree with the Great Maker, but I want to put this into the field of
"sharing" first.

After the show, I will be offering a limited number of the prints on E-bay, and
the proceeds will go to the family of Richard Biggs. I would like to do this
through an existing E-bayist, hopefully one who has offered Richard Biggs
Auctions before, as I do not want to get an account for just that. Jan says she
will help me with this.

Then, I will be offering the prints on my band's website (under construction)
and payable thru PayPal. This will be an opportunity for everybody to download
that (hopefully) soon-to-be-famous song "Alien Bar", which includes lyrics about
"buying Londo a drink if I see him at the bar". Forgive the plug.

These are quality art prints and not a cheap litho-job. I wanted to post this
with a firm price, but Smokey's wife is off island, and only she knows the cost
of the reproductions. They will be in the $100- $200 range, depending on size
and whether they are PhotoPrints or Giclee repros.

Our own Jan is the proud owner of the first giclee of this Concept Art, and she
declares it is gorgeous (it is). I truly believe that it should be shared, and I
am going to do my best to get the best price for general distribution without
compromising quality. I really must state that the reproductions are almost more
vividly colorful than the original! And that 'almost' is for my own benefit. I
was blown away to see the repros next to the original. I was 'almost'
disappointed to be the owner of only the original!!

I wish that we were closer to everybody, and if you can't make it down we'll
----------------------------end JMSNews.com post---------
Jan here...

Let me reiterate that the print Jahkneebee was kind enough to send me is truly
stunning and obviously professionally produced. The print is on the heaviest
'paper' I've ever seen, which emulates canvas. Even with JMS's photos in the
auction, I didn't realize the details that Peter Ledger had included in the

From the first, Jahkeebee spoke to me about 'giving back' by making some of
these prints available to benefit the Biggs family. I'm happy to lend a hand
with this great plan.

Stay tuned....


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