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B5 commercial?


Hey,maybe someone can help...

TNT produced some really cool ads to promote the series and I cannot find them anywhere...

Anybody know if there is a website where these and others can be viewed?

I remember one with G'kar, another with Ivanova and a third 1 minute long commercial with an amazing voiceover...

I don't know where those commercials might be on the web, but I DO like the episode promos on the DVDs. Have you seen them? If you're cruising too fast through there, you'll miss them. Go from the main menu to "Episodes" and click on the little red "thing" next to each episode picture, it'll play about a one minute preview of that show.

It's really kind of the cool, and you're sure to recognize the guy who does the voice overs. I think he did voice overs for everybody back then. He's probably retired now living off his millions. He had golden "pipes".. :D
I thought I'd better clarify something for you, "thing" wasn't a great description but I couldn't remember it looked like, so I had to check.

The promos are found on the episode screens by clicking on either a red or white plus sign. It's the running commentary that can be accessed on that screen by clicking on the little "gidgey" (formerly called a "thing")..Hope that helps!! :D