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B5 comics question, 5-8

Raw Shark

So I recently re-read the B5 comics # 5-8. I liked them and still believe a good branch of B5's future is in comics. Some of the Star Wars comics were better than the latest round of movies. I can't lie, those movies are bad. Just compare them to the first three, and you have to agree, they're bad.

So my B5 comics question is: In the story from issues 5-8, with Sinclair and Garibaldi having a rough time on Mars, what's that big organic-tech-looking device at the Psi Corps base? Is that Shadow Tech, and if not, where did it come from? It now seems obvious that JMS planned to use that as a plot element in the future, and probably planned to use the story itself in the series. The device looked like kind of a giant human organ set contained in a dome. And it was doing stuff to Talia! Poor (hot) dear.

Did anyone else read the B5 comics? Am I the only one??

Raw Shark

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