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Beyond the rim
How many of you used to (or better yet still do) play the Babylon 5 Card game? I love it far and above the other cards games out there, even though it's currently out of production. The game really "feels" like the B5 universe, not just a game with pictures from the show. You get tons of great images and text quotes with the cards and you can explore all the same kinds of "what ifs" we all love to engage in from time to time.

It's not a fast playing game; it's more the chess of CCGs - very strategic and cerebral; but it's a lot of fun, and for me there was a great synergy between the game and the TV universe..

-Devin Barber
I recently picked up quite a lot of the cards cheap fom a local store, it looks quite cool but I dont know anyone else who plays/

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I have the cards but I forgot how to play

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I play it by myself. I have a lot of cards, but I think Mapadoo is the master in that area.

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If anyone wants to try to find a local group of players, send me a private email (jaxb5ranger@aol.com) - I can help you hunt down the closest players for a lot of areas. I know there are still strong player bases in Florida and Texas, and other states.

I just love the player interaction in the game. The trade offs, dealmaking, king making, threatening, bluffing, bribing, back stabbing, plotting, etc combined with a large universe of cards and a lot of ways to win; it make every game fun, challenging, and different every time. The way the game is structured, you can even be very successful with a very small ammount of cards.

-Devin Barber
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> ...even though it's currently out of production <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Doesn't that kind of seem like the trend with B5. Nothing about that show ever stays in production. They stop the videos, they stop the action figures, they've probably stopped the model kits, etc. I would never want B5 to become over-commercialized like Star Trek, but it'd be nice if you could depend on something with the B5 name sticking around for a while.

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I think you're right on there; it's a shame that B5 is so great on the way JMS crafts the universe, but that it always seems to get the short end on any kind of publicity, marketing, and luck. Maybe there is some hope: if the Rangers makes it to series, maybe they'll get the game started again. Precedence Entertainment made the game, but can't do anything with it right now because WBros. isn't allowing the licence to operate - presumably so they can increase the rates if the series is picked up...

-Devin Barber
Do you know any B5 players near Portland Oregon?

Let's build a snowman! He'll be our best friend! We can make him tall, or we can make him NOT so tall! WE CAN NAME HIM SHANNON BILLY BOB OR JILL!-Swan 'Cannibal:The Musical'
I also collected the cards and attempted to play the game. Unfortunately my only two fellow players that knew the show also were cutthroat Magic players. It soured the whole experience for me.
The game is fun, but you have to be able to think in the mindset of any of the races. Human is easy, but I have a hard time 'wrapping my brain around' being a Centauri. I'm not a schemer or politically inclined person and it was difficult to think ahead in my case.
Other than that, a good side game is holding up a card and seeing who can name the episode the picture is from. Great trivia spin off there too.
I'm in So. Cal and have about four of those plastic card cases of B5 cards. Alas, no signed cards, but I do have a Surprise card, which no one else but the designers should have. I'll have to dig it out and post the inscription on it for all of you.

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