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B5 cast sightings

On the biography channel it is child stars week and Melissa Gilbert (Anna Sheridan) was on last night and Bruce was on too.

Also, on Quantum Leap today Max Ellerson (I forget the actor's name) was a photographer who took nude pictures of beauty contest girls to sell to calander companies.

Faith Manages
I saw Melissa Boxleitner on Who wants to be a millionaire, and she was about to call Bruce on a life-line but finally decided not to...and then she got the question wrong. Sheridan would have known the answer...pfah.

"When I was a kid, every Sunday dad would take us out for a drive. We never knew where we were going, that was half the fun. We just go. He'd say, pick a direction and one of us would point, off we'd go."
-John Sheridan
"Sleeping in Light"

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