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Okay, I fell in love with Babylon 5 quite some time ago, but have never gotten round to reading the books, mainly because i usually find tie'in books are not that well written, or they're just there to make money. So iwas wondering, Is it worth reading the books? Also, which one should i start with, as i looked them up and there were a lot of them. If anyone could help me out here, i'd be much obliged - Thanks

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The general consensis is of the Dell books, get 7 and 9. 7 - Shadow Within, 9 - To Dream ...

Of the Del Rey trilogies, get em all.

Unlike most (star trek) tie-ins (star trek) these books (star trek) actually DO tie-in with the B5 universe, and events that happen in the books REALLY happen within B5. In the first book of the TechnoMage trilogy, we find out what led up to Galen loosing Isabelle in "Path of Sorrows" .. as well as many other background bits.

Overall, they are all very well written.

Unfortunately, the first 6 in the Dell were very uneven. They are worth reading *after* you've already read all the others, and if you're still hungry for more B5 books.

There is one, however, that I urge you with every fiber in my being to avoid - Personal Agendas, book #8 - it is the worst book I've ever had the displeasure to read, this book blows ... and not in a good way either! Avoid! As the Daleks would say "Terminate! Terminate!" lol

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Of the first six Dell novels published, you will definitely want to first read #4, "Clark's Law," by Jim Mortimore--a great piece of writing set between the episodes "Comes the Inquisitor" and the second season finale, "The Fall of Night," in which Sheridan has to make some choices against President Clark almost as diffcult as those faced by him in "Severed Dreams"; and then the next one to truly commend is Book #6, "Betrayals," by the great S.M Stirling, one of the Big Names in the hard-SF world.

The first novel, "Voices," is also quite commendable, as it deals with the Psi-Corps and Bester in a very interesting way (and I believe it was also referenced in an episode). Overall, the next two also aren't too bad, and they focus upon Ivanova and G'Kar reasonably well. The fifth deals with the First Ones; despite a fewe oddities here and there, it's rather intriguing.

Of course, the galleys for Book #8 should be cast into the flaming, molten-lead lakes of Hell as soon as JMS can make possible, and the author should have rabid, hungry ferrets crammed up his backside and the hole stapled shut behind them. But then, we get to Books #7 and #9, which are simply EXCELLENT by any definition of the word, and who lead into the great Del Rey works that we have now today.

So, it has (with one exception) been a very upward-sloping quality curve with these books, and I look forward personally to more of them in the not-far-off future.


I've heard somewhere there is a B5 Series bible?

Is there an on-line version or has anyone got a PDF of it? I'd really love to get holdof it to read. And I doubt that I would get it 'down under'.


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Up until about a year or so ago, you could order it via the Official Fan Club for around $34.95 or thereabouts; I actually ordered mine (circa 1996) through a script company...but I can't retain what the name is, despite just having lately received one of their catalogs.

Nota bene: You should not purchase any scripts that are legally for sale through official channels from unauthorized dealers, as JMS will come to your house and fire a LAWS rocket through your front window through where cute little Fluffy is sleeping on the fireplace rug if you do.


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