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B5 Books: 2 Important Updates


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Copied from the email notice I received:


WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?, Volume 2 is planned for release after the re-launch of B5books.com.

J. Michael Straczynski, being painfully aware of the lag in the CRUSADE book release schedule, is putting together a "thank you for your patience" bonus that makes it worth the wait: he's producing his two unfilmed CRUSADE episodes as audio dramas with "voices the fans are familiar with." The audio drama episodes are "To the Ends of the Earth" and "The End of the Line".

Since neither of these unproduced scripts are in Volume 2, one CD will be included FREE with Volume 3 of WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? and the other CD FREE with Volume 4.

Reminder: ALL CRUSADE books will be available until the HELL series is complete.


B5-20, our release honoring the 20th Anniversary of BABYLON 5, will be released in June instead of April.

Budget-constrained fans are requesting we hold the release of more books until after the ECHOES series is retired so they can complete their ECHOES collection before the May 15th deadline. (Apparently, ECHOES is a popular way for U.S. customers to spend their tax refunds.)

This means that instead of releasing B5-20 in April, we are going to release B5-20 in June, after ECHOES retires (and is never, ever available again in any form).

Be assured, the dates below are LOCKED and will NOT change again.

ADJUSTED RELEASE SCHEDULE March: No new releases April: No new releases May 15: ECHOES retired June: B5-20 released

ABOUT B5-20 In our next update we will be revealing more details about B5-20.
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Fantastic! I was afraid the Crusade books might have gone the way of JMS' B5 graphic novel that was in the works all those years, never to be seen again. I'm hoping we'll get to learn some things about where the series was going, given that the dialogue was so heavy in hints and foreshadowing. My hunger for Crusade has not subsided.

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New email update:

Next Monday, May 13, we will email the announcement detailing the B5 Books release in honor of the 20th Anniversary of Babylon 5.

In the meantime you get two hints:
(1) It's 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide
and (2) weighs 5 pounds.

The announcement we are sending Monday is ONLY a pre-announcement that details what B5-20 is and how much it will cost. Fans have been requesting this information because they want to budget for the release.

Ordering will NOT begin until June with one exception: orders for pick-up at the 20th Anniversary Reunion at Phoenix Comicon WILL be available.
There's been a lot of excitement about the Babylon 5 at 20 book that was announced last month. Due to the number of people interested in pre-ordering, that's been opened up earlier than planned: http://www.cafepress.com/_b5books Books will ship by June 30. The fans who were able to pick theirs up at Phoenix Comicon loved them.

Nothing other than that, as an apology for how long it's taken, JMS will have audio dramas done of his two unproduced scripts. But no word yet on when they might be expected.

...found a preexisting thread, so here goes...

?? New B5Books Releases!! https://b5books.com/

A three part series containing material from the six volume 2012 Echoes collection.
Available in Ebook, Paperback, or Hardcover.
The Actors, 2023 Annotated Edition

Plus there is a bonus book that is Free as part of a bundle or can be ordered separately if one already has the original series. Looks to be a Limited Time Only Offer for the bonus book - 90 days.
Group Interviews with the Actors - Single Copies

"Available to everyone — especially fans who own the original ECHOES series — this is content you do NOT have in print. The page count is smaller at 175 pages but the new layout, which shows an image next to the actor each time they speak, makes it worthwhile. Offer ends in 90 days. Note that paperbacks are the same size as the original set (7.5″x9.25″) The original ECHOES series included 6 CDs of the actors being interviewed in groups of two or more. These interviews were licensed for audio only so these transcripts were NOT in the 2012 books."
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