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B5 Autographs ????

I was looking through ebay at some autographs of B5 cast members and wondering how legitamate are they ?? Any one know where to get real autographs ? I'm sure this question has been asked before so humor me please.
I accidentally received a quite real autograph from Mira, when I finally managed to obtain the disk "Songs From Movies That Have Never Been Made". Hence if that disk would be sold at EBay, autographs would probably be real. Unless I am mistaken "Trying To Forget" from "The Be Five" may also bear autographs.
Check out this site
I bought Trying To Forget at Bil Mumy's webite...and it was autographed by him.
I have noticed that some of the autographed photos on ebay are authenticated. I won Mira's from the recent Motor City Comic Con that I was unable to attend, on ebay.
galactic gateway may also have some info on the subject.
Well, considering I have about six different ones, I'd say there's a good chance they're legit. Not to say I'm going to be selling mine...can't get them unless you pry them from my cold dead fingers and disarm the deadman switch in the process.
I got JMS this weekend, on my well worn copy of B5 Magazine, and got the rest over the past few years from Agamemcon and CreationCon...years ago.
During it's prime running, the cast of B5 was making the con circuit a lot, it was real easy to get an autograph on either a photo or cd or whatever. But there are ways of counterfeiting anything these days, so there's always a caution. If they're a legit fan, then you can safely be assured that the autograph is legit.
Personally, it's the people that get signatures strictly for sale that really burn me. Those don't really care that they met the person, merely what they can get for a small scribble on a photo.
::sigh:: never mind...it's late and my personal peeves are peeking through.
The Complete Babylon 5 card set that came out earlier this year included autograph cards seeded 2 to a box. You can still find boxes of these for sale as well as individual autograph cards on eBay.
I got one of those official mira autographs from the site mentioned above. Its the picture of Delenn and Sheridan on the whitestar looking at the view screen when the Shadow vessel wakes up on mars. Excellent picture


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