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This is a bizzard thread? wouldn't you say so, BIZARRO_KOSH

"Gideon says we all have things to hide."
"Does he? How unfortunate, I was hoping he'd come further than that. Well not that it isn't true of course, it's just that one simply doesn't have to say it."
We can always see how many Vorlons we can get in a row.

Also Ulkesh has the lead over Kosh two to one at the moment.

"The pink ones keep ya from screamin'." Grandpa
If it WAS, wouldn't Bizzarro Kosh say, NO it isn't?


"During a witch hunt, don't get caught wearing a pointy hat."
Oh well, we had a nice run of Vorlons for a little bit

The arrow should go where it's pointed.

"The pink ones keep ya from screamin'." Grandpa

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