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B5 and Garden Gnomes


Beyond the rim
I was watching King of the Hill tonight, Peggy got a garden gnome, and this really weird lady comes and complements the gnome, tells peggy about how she'll get lost in the messageboards, "Hey, are you into Babylon 5?" "No, should I be?"

I don't know, it just made me laugh.
Wow! A Babylon 5 reference in a mainstream TV show. That's a rare gem. Thanks for sharing.

"B5 and Garden Gnomes" -- What a priceless post title. ;)
Knowing the way that Ta'Lon stood vigil over G'Kar's quarters in season three, I would guess he'd be excellent at guarding driveways. :)
Most civilizations consider garden gnomes a form of weaponized memes -- and therefore ban deployment. Research indicates that most species, when shown an appropriate type of ceramic frog, will descend into utter madness.

Only creatures whose mind implements simulative input analysis, or heuristic effect prediction, have been observed to tolerate extensive exposure to garden gnomes.

Humans unfortunately... are not listed among those species.

Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3
Well, I have a ceramic toad sitting in my livingroom, by the front door, and everyone knows that I'm perfectly normal! :p ;)

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