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B5 Actor Sighting


"I'm Mr. Morden, and this has been the looooongest day of my life...!"

Ed Wasser had a small role on the 2/17 episode of 24. He played the federal agent who meets Jack on the tarmac at the airport when Jack and Cole bring Nina back to LA for interrogation at CTU.

It was very easy to miss him - it was a _very_ dark scene, with a lot of ambient airport/landing strip noise going on around them.

A small role, but good to see him getting work!

I'd love to see more B5 people on 24: the opportunities there for good actors are seemingly _endless_. That show is just so amazingly well-written! It's the only thing currently on television that can get me bouncing up and down on the couch, standing up and shouting things at the television from time to time, and being so absolutely riveted to the screen that the house could probably burn down around me.

Damn, I was on an extended pee break. I got back in the room as Nina was brought into CTU. 24 seems like a repository for sci-fi actors. Daniel Day Kim was featured last year as Agent Baker and even Tony Almeida was one of the unnamed bridge officers on Crusade. I'll have to catch the repeat.

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