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B5 a master piece


I believe that everybody will agree when I say that JMS was really, really, really inspired when he "saw"; in his mind the whole B5 arc. As Leonardo Da Vinci made the well known "Monalisa", or Ludwig Van Beethoven made the "9th symphony"; (Actually my best is "Egmont Overture"), or even "Imagine" from John Lennon are considered masterpieces. Babylon five made by Joe Michael Straczynski should also be stated under same status. Why?

Because I am amazed to read in this board (specially the thread "What does B5 mean to you") how many people, from a wide range of nationalities/cultures feel quite same as I do.

JMS with his B5 arc did something that overcame the screen. I read people saying that B5 changed their lives, either helping to look the world in a different perspective or by solving some personnal problem. Only master piece can have this effect in people.

In my personnal case, I can see now, for instance, that international intrigues/conflicts is more complex than shown on TV. "Ilusion of Truth" taught me about the media. Its really the fourth power which can easily manipulate information and make you believe the way they want you to see.

The chapter where Deleen & Shakiri ("Moments of Transition") had to prove their intentions exposing themselves to the Starfire Wheel, was an excelent view on how coward and selfish can be people who have a lot of power. A challenging question: "Would George W. Bush follow into the fire?";

And many of G Kars speaches, that give us many things to think about (just one example: when he said that he lost an eye but now he can see better than before). What an amazing lesson!!

I wonder if somebody (perhaps Joe DeMartino) know if in the B5 crew were there psycologists, sociologists, antropologists, etc.

Another nothing to do question: Who knows where is JMS from? His last name seems from East Europe and also jewish.

"Be the force with you" Ups /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif Thats Star Wars term..How would it be in B5 terms??

Take care,

JMS is from New Jersey. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

At least some of his forebearers were from Russia. Beyond that I don't know much.

He holds degrees in psychology and sociology, is widely read generally, and worked as a journalist for some time. All-in-all a pretty well-rounded background for a writer.


The show was clearly inspired. It becomes all the clearer when you realize how much fortune favored it -- how many times problems turned into advantages, how many times something totally accidental became very helpful. I speak of the halo, the mirror, Jerry Doyle's hair, and of Walter Koenig being unavailable for the role of Knight Two so he got stuck with this other part called Bester... there is no doubt more.

I often feel that JMS found something bigger than he knew. Or knows.
I agree that JMS is a master when it comes to B5. I think he came up with an excellent universe to enthrall us all with. There is just so much to Babylon 5 that is good. That is why I am one of those who has fallen in love with it. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I think that B5 is an epic master piece because of the sheer size of the story. When you think about it, almost all of the main characters become some of the most important figures of thier entire race.

The other thing that makes B5 a master Piece is that they always tried something new. A 5 year arc, the CGI... the list goes on.
Definately a masterpeice /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif - You read my mind!

JMS seems to have an absurd amount of talent, and I have no doubt will be remembered much beyond his time (and not just for the asteroid thing). He must be something the soul hunters would very much like to get hold of.

When I think of works of fiction that have most affected my life I think of very few things. ... and B5 is always top of the list. Everything else is chaff, unneccessary, waste, until you boil down those few components that actually *mean* something in the great scheme of things. That's what I always look for - not entertainment value, not coolness, not big names, but things that make you really think, that challenge you on all levels. They ask you directly "who are you" and "what do you want", and you always answer those questions yourself through the lives of the charachters.

It is Art. It is creativity at its best. That is what will endure.

"And Babylon 5? ... Babylon 5 endures."
A true masterpiece has to stand the test of time. I think Babylon 5 will do that but some of us may not be here to find out.

Also, because it is a television show it will depend on whether the technology lasts (videos and DVDs). There are very few real movie masterpieces after 100 years.
Books last for hundreds of years (Shakespeare). I think if there ever was a show that had the power to last it is Babylon 5.
Yes, definately a Masterpiece /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Not only is it a great epic story, but it is full of wisdom and it makes you think - not just the little things, but the really big stuff too /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif It also shows us the very best, and the very worst in Humanity.

Huge respect to JMS for creating the show and successfully pulling off the most ambitious work of television ever made /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif