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B5 & 9/11


I saw this on SciFi Weekly's Letters to the Editor column ... thought you all might enjoy reading it:

<font color=yellow>Sept. 11 Makes B5 More Relevant

[ I ] finally got to see Babylon 5 from beginning to end. Maybe some day I will find a true love like Delenn and John Sheridan. But I just want to say that the script writing is so relevant to today's problems, especially after Sept. 11 that I feel everyone should see this program. As a matter of fact, I use a saying that Marcus used when he was talking about his past life and why he was a Ranger. I use this with my students who are in middle school and range in ages from 12 to 15. They say "That's not fair." My response from B5 and Marcus is, "What if life was fair and the bad things that happen to you, you deserve." This statement has changed a lot of teenagers' ideas about life.

By the way, I am a teacher who is 55, born in Hollywood and raised in Pasadena. I have two granddaughters and have seen many, many changes is this our world in the half century I been on this planet Earth. I am heavily involved in environmental awareness and someday will have a Steelhead hatchery on this campus. Also, [Babylon 5] has made me laugh and made me cry. Script writers, you are geniuses—give us more.

Barry Garraway</font color=yellow>

For the full article, <a target="_blank" href=http://www.scifi.com/sfw/issue256/letters.html>go here</a>.
That's nice that people can use references and quotes from B5 to change the opinions and ideas of others. That Marcus quote is especially true, and it can really make you think.
I have to say that B5 has been the only show that I can remember that constantly gave me shivers down the back because of the emotion and tension that it produced. My most memorable one is in Severed Dreams where EA bombs Mars. The B5 series was about choices, and a lot of the best dialogue is about one's choice affecting others. I also have to say that I loved Marcus's quote.

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