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B4 tech, Minbari tech


Did the Minbari fit out B4 with their own weapons systems and technology, i know they introduced some fighter craft but was wondering if any further adjustments were made.

Also, did the Minbari have artificial gravity in the previous Shadow War? Delenn tells Sheridan they've had it for some time, but is it really likely they had it for 1000 years?

The reason I ask is that, maybe irony playe some part in the Minbari getting advanced in tech. Firstly they have a whole new area of alien technology at their fingertips on B4, it should give them some new ideas and toys to play with. Presumably B4 still had an archive, and database on existing ship silhouettes.

Be kind of funny to think we gave them a heads up on a few things.
Given that Minbari ship designs were already resemblant of B5 era in the 12th century, we may assume they had artificial gravity, along with other technology well beyond Earth products (in most aspects of comparison). Also, their space station destroyed by Shadows did not rotate (at least not with a speed and axis suitable for simulating gravity).

It was just that B4 was damn large, had damn much equipement. Besides, it had something more important than equipment -- a person who knew how to, and could unite the Minbari with other races to oppose the Shadows.

The most valuable strategic resource on B4 was not technology. Earth technology was probably curious, but not more advanced. The most valuable resource was knowledge of future history.

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