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B1, B2, & B3


Babylon 1 was red bits instead of purple, I think. It was on right at the end of ItB, though I haven't seen ItB in a couple of months and my brain is fried from Vector Analysis revision.


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Technically, there was no Babylon 1. When you only expect to build one of something, you don't number it. The first station was called The Babylon Station. It was destroyed, along with the next two, by home-grown Earth terrorists groups (apparently not the same one each time) who were oppposed to the entire concept of The Babylon Project. All were destroyed fairly early in the construction process and therefore each subsequent station could be built with parts and modules left over or salvaged from the previous station.

Up to Babylon 4, that is. That was complete and on-line when it vanished, all six-miles of it, including the engines, heavier armament and other things that Babylon 5 wouldn't get.

When B4 disappeared Earth came very close to abandoning the Babylon Project. For one thing, they were still recovering from the E-M War and pouring a lot of money into rebuilding the military. The Babylon Project might have been designed to prevent another war, but EarthGov was hedging its bets by making sure at the same time that we would be better equipped to fight another war if it came to that. Earth simply could not afford to build another giant space station way the hell out in the middle of nowhere again.

That's when the Minbari stepped up to the plate and offered to help finance a new station - in exchange for certain "considerations" The Centauri also chipped in, reluctantly. Thus Earth was able to scrape together a scaled-down version of the original Babylon Station. The place was still under construction during the series, which is why the industrial areas like Gray sector could have lots of unfinished space, and why someone could make an entire level of it disappear without anyone knowing it.



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Many thanks, Joe, that clears everything up for me.

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I've seen pretty much all of Babylon 5 but I don't recall if there was anything established about the first three stations other than the fact they were destroyed. Anyone know anything else?

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Sabotage, I believe.

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There is a Babylon 3 cgi model, out there and I kow somebody making a Babylon cgi model.

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Each station had a different color sceme following ROYGBIV. So assumably if there had been a Babylon 7 we could have had a purple, or violet, station. It would have been stunning.

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Almost makes me wish there was a Babylon 6. I've always wondered just what exactly Indigo is supposed to be

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Indigo is a Plant.

When you boil parts of it you get a rich Blue dye.

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Originally posted by Joseph DeMartino

[The first Babylon station] was destroyed, along with the next two, by home-grown Earth terrorists groups (apparently not the same one each time) who were oppposed to the entire concept of The Babylon Project.

Officially the first station was recorded as having been destroyed due to an accident with the fusion reactor rather than terrorism. When it happened a furthur twice I guess that will have been when they started to get suspicious.

There is also the possibility that the first stations were destroyed by the Shadows or their servants using those devices from WWE, which, if you remember, simulate a malfunction in the fusion reactor. This is purely speculation, but you have to admit that it is a bit coincidental.

As for what the other Babylon stations would have looked like, there wouldn't have been any. As Joe mentioned it took quite a lot of effort and money to build the first four. When it came to a fifth station many people were against the idea, and it was only by scaling down the plans and bringing in alien funding that it was made possible, I guess the folks in Earthdome figured that it was worth one last shot. Babylon 5 was from the moment it was given the go ahead the last of the Babylon stations, if it was successful they would not need another, if it wasn't the project would have been discontinued and those who pushed to get it under construction would have been forced to resign.

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