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There are so many people now who can do screencaps. I suspect Markas meant think of one you'd like to use and someone else might be able to capture it for you.

A few B5 DVD sets seem to be about the place. :)
Thanks. Of course, my DVDs are stuck in a box somewhere...

But a certain scene does come to mind. It's in "There All the Honor Lies," when Sheridan's listening to the music in Downbelow... and then it cuts to Kosh standing alone outside, and you get the impression that he loves the music too, but also that in a way he's keeping watch while Sheridan rests and recovers....

That might do the trick, although I can't hope that an icon will capture all the emotions there.
Not that many images capture that level of emotion. I'll see what I can do. PM me an email address to send it to.
They're supposed to be... or at least until it's decided that there needs to be a renewal.

In any event, I'm willing to renew mine (as are many others) because I think most of this site is an invaluable resource for B5 fans.
On a related note:
If premium members can upload their own avatars and change them back any time, i suggest this:
We do a week where everybody who read this use the same avatar picture. That would be pretty confusing, wouldn't it? :cool:
And if everyone wants to change their avatar, Markas or Kribu have to upload them all. :p
And Markas, obviously can't as he's been waiting so long for you to change his avatar back, that the guessing game on how long it would take you to come through has been restarted several times, since the latest date keeps passing by.

We're in trouble now, boys and girls of Babbleon. :(

Yea, we were naughty (o.k. I was naughty) and started a guessing game in a kind of tribute to the JMS guessing game that goes on at his moderated site.

I have suspected for some time that Antony is either getting tired of this old site, or is worried about its long-term liveability.

I might have one suggestion to make in terms of the chaos premies are in right now. We probably have a pretty good idea who has had premium status for at least a year. If money is a problem or desired at all, why not allow all of us to renew in bulk?

If just time and effort is required, perhaps Markas and Kribu could help out with that a bit? Not to mention, many people probably can capture their own screencaps, they just can't upload them.
Except that I still don't have the upload ability .. again. ;)

...and Antony mentioned he was going to attend to this....some weeks ago. :rolleyes:

With a memory like that...I can't wait to see you at 50. ;)

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