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Avatar question


Beyond the rim
Hi, I'm new here and I have a perhaps stupid question about my avatar. I've noticed some people have their own avatar, and not one of the standard ones.

But how do you do this?
Upon closer examination, you will notice that those people are generally either related to running the board (owner, moderators, administrators) or premium members (ones who have, at some time, contributed to it somehow).
Yes, from time to time Antony offers premium memberships for $15. You can then choose a B5-related scene for your avatar. B5 or Crusade or Rangers.

Welcome to Antony's board, by the way. It's good to see new "faces" around the place. :D :cool:
*premium members (ones who have, at some time, contributed to it somehow)*

Hmm..That makes it sound like we did something vitally important, like finding a cure for cancer or perfecting a cold fusion engine for the 2004 Lexus. All I did was stick a crow bar in my wallet and fork over some dough. :D

Welcome aboard, by the way.
While we're on the subject of avatars, has anyone noticed that Joe still hasn't picked one? I think someone needs to resurrect that petition.
He was Morden first, until Morden's picture was removed from the standard avatars. Max was bent too, but not as much as Morden, obviously.