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attention Farscape fans

Amazon.com has the ENTIRE COMPLETE SEASONS (4 seasons) minus the peacekeeper war for only $60


I just bought mine. I have been waiting forever for this!

I am still trying to buy B5, but the price is icky.
Ok, I thought I heard that they borked up season 1's order? I've been trying to get it on Netflix FOREVER. which version is this on Amazon?
I picked it up from Costco the other day, well worth the $70 paid ... :)

Watched up the bonus disk docs ... ah, the pleasant memories of puppets with attitude!
I am still trying to buy B5, but the price is icky.

:confused: Icky? You mean too expensive? If you watch for it, "Babylon 5" Seasons 1 thru 5 can be found for ~$19.95/season. Best Buy has had at least two online "Sales" of B5. Deep Discount had "Crusade" for $14.76 at least twice in the past. Re. Best Buy, you can buy it online and have it sent to your local store for pickup. This allows you to examine the disks at the store, to make sure none of your disks are loose and scratched, and that you got all six disks that you're supposed to get in each B5 season set.

I never had that last problem with B5 season sets, but in "House M.D." Season Four, I had two Disk 2's, a Disk 3 and a Disk 4. Would've been nice to have had a Disk 1. I did an exchange for a Disk 1 before I left the store (in that particular case, it was at Wal-Mart in Weirton WV.).

Check here periodically:


Some are $19.99, now.
B5 is definitely cheaper now, saw each season for $20 ... and thought to myself, I paid for each season as it costs to get almost the whole series now.

Than I remember I have watched it multiple times since, and all is good ;)
thanks kosh!

i will check out best buy. i don't shop there...so i didn't know

You're welcome. :)

Just remember that the prices online at bestbuy.com may be $19.99/season, but if you just walk into a Best Buy store without purchasing them online first, the price will likely be ~$50/season.

Buy online, and arrange delivery to your local Best Buy store, where you'll pick them up. That's how you get the cheaper price. They'll send you an email to tell you when they are at the store. Also, carefully inspect each disk before you leave the parking lot. If any are scratched, exchange disk for disk, right then and there. Do NOT exchange set for set.

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