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At risk of being "negative" it sucked

Paul Doe

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At risk of being \"negative\" it sucked

Some people are saying "why all the negativity?" Well, I'm negative because, well, because I thought it sucked. Some people are actually defending the kickbox stuff. Oh, gimme a break. It was embarassingly bad. Someone can accurately aim a weapon by kicking in the general direction? Yeah, right. Barf. As far as the rest of the story, well, it was slow and poor.

Don't get me entirely wrong, I still hope for the series to make. (Just dump the kickbox garbage - Please!) And I don't doubt that if it does make, there will be good episodes. After all, not every B5 episode was great. But at least 90% of them were better than this...

Re: At risk of being \"negative\" it sucked

Yo guy. There are like 3 other threads where the people that fall under the catagory 'didnt like it' have been posting their comments and discussing it. Why start a new topic? Post there, sheesh.

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Re: At risk of being \"negative\" it sucked

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Paul Doe:
[B} Someone can accurately aim a weapon by kicking in the general direction? Yeah, right.


Actually, she aimed with her eye. There is a shot where it shows her eye and there is a red targeting square homing in on the ships.

So it seems to me that the kicking and punching just tells the ship how much power to hit with?

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Re: At risk of being \"negative\" it sucked

This thread's gonna be closed.

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