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Ashlee Simpson lipsynching on Saturday Night Live


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Saturday Night Live was not as "Live" as people expected last night. Musical Guest Ashlee Simpson poorly lip-synched her first song, and then a technical glitch or mistake led to the wrong vocal track being played for her second performance proving her fraud as she stood there confused while her recorded voice filled the airwaves . Simpson's band picked up the slack, attempting to save the show as Ashlee walked off the stage. Just a minute in (on a musical segment usually four or more minutes long) SNL pulled the plug, cutting quickly to a commercial.

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Not only did I see it "live" while I watched SNL last night, but also saw it on CNN a few minutes ago. The music started playing, she started bopping about, and then her voice started singing but she was still just standing there quasi-dancing without the microphone to her mouth. She looked around at her band, danced goofily for a few seconds, stood around doing nothing for about a minute, and then walked off the stage. At the end of the show, she said her band started playing the wrong song or something.

It was kinda funny to watch.
Are you making a comment about my putting "live" in quotation marks? If so, my doing so was merely an act of me being obnoxious. :p
And you are so cute (or "cute") when you are being obnoxious. :D

Personally, I like that it kind of shows people why this is such a difficult format, though. :cool:

Like when the guest stars start laughing and stuff during skits.
Having performed "live" quite enough times to have my ass scared off, I can sympathize with things occationally going wrong in live performances. A vocal track for Ashlee to sing with being the wrong track for the song they were going to do was humorous though in that it showed her to not have it in her to sing the song on her own. I've known that some singers sing along with a previously recorded version of the lyrics for quite some time, but it's just kinda ha-ha-sad how much of a blow up this was.
Yea. I love live theater and love seeing shows in my itty-bitty town. I have seen when the recorded musical track got beyond the singer or off with the singer somehow.

An embarassed moment occurs, and then they keep going.

(I must confess, I had no idea how having a live director and orchestra is an advantage to a singer until I did the musical shows when I was in college. I'm thankful to say they never had to save me, but I have seen how a good conductor can save the day if a minor mistake is made. But the singer always recovered. I've never seen even a "community theater" performer walk off the set while dealing with a mix-up involving material that had been in the score.
Follow up here: I saw our conductor when they did the "Pirates of Penzance" when the power went off for about 20 seconds or so campus-wide.

The orchestra kept playing.

Even he admitted later: if the power outage had gone on for even a few more seconds, he would have stopped. But they actually played through the short outage (even though their sheet music was obviously no longer visible, etc, etc...).

Re: Ashlee Simpson lipsynching on Saturday Night L

HAH! Poor dear. I expect that will be her last visit to SNL.
Wow, that looked pretty sad. In a way I feel sorry for her as it must be pretty embarrassing. On the other hand, that's what you get for not actually singing.

And on the bright side, the band sounded quite good. ;) I think they could do just fine without her.
I see what you are getting at now. So not all of the singing we hear on that show is actually live. Interesting.
Re: Ashlee Simpson lipsynching on Saturday Night L

Apparently, it was acid reflux. :rolleyes:

I guess she never heard of
Re: Ashlee Simpson lipsynching on Saturday Night L

Also the reson she threw her band under the bus was that her drummer pressed the wrong fraud button.
Re: Ashlee Simpson lipsynching on Saturday Night L

Does anyone remember "Riverdance"?

They also used pre-recorded sound to make it look like the dancers were really in perfect synch, didn't they? I remember reading about that someewhere. "Well, it's just so difficult for the dancers to get it that perfect" or something was the reply given. Yes, they were great dancers. But they found it more effective to "cheat" a bit. :D (Which is what entertainment is all about, eh?)

I confess, I assume most if not all of what I see in the way of live television singing is prerecorded and lip-synched.
Re: Ashlee Simpson lipsynching on Saturday Night L

I thought it was funny that someone took the video of the Ashlee incident and turned the "jig" portion of it into an animated gif.