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Arrested Development


Well as good as it was you had to expect it to get cancelled. After all I'm sure "World's Funniest Sexual Assaults" needed the time slot. Maybe someone will pick it up by I'm not keeping my hopes up. Two and a half seasons is more than I expected to get out of a show that doesn't slow down and explain every joke even those that refer to earlier episodes.
I love a show that makes fun of itself. Like the one near the end of the last season, when their number of episodes were cut down. They kept saying in the show that a developer cut the order of new homes and everyone would reply "oooo thats not a good sign."
I'm happy and surprised that the show has lasted this long. What other shows out there do you hear about that didn't get the ratings and still lasted two and a half seasons? Not many. Try as I might, I can't blame Fox. These days, I tend to blame the viewers and their want for the same old recycled dren more than anything. Not to mention the ever-popular fear of change present in most people.

Still, here's hoping it has some kind of future.
Looks like it might have :

SHOWTIME FOR THE BLUTHS?: Hmm, maybe the fat lady should shut her mouth and take a seat. The New York Post hears brand-new buzz that Showtime has not only picked up Fox's canceled Arrested Development but has ordered a full 26 episodes.

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