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Are the Shadows Super Daters?


Found this item on the BBC website. Scientists have postulated that super daters (people who date many people, short term) are good for developing the physics of relationships because they break up weak relationships and cause the affected parties to look for more suitable people to build stronger relationships with.

doesn't this sound awfully like growth through chaos... the shadow policy to the evolution of civilisation?
But shadows and Vorlons don't reproduce, right? (kind of like KoshFan ;) ) So if you don't reproduce why date?
Maybe they reproduce, just very slowly (in the same way that Lorien's people reproduced very slowly, "less than a handful each year").
But they don't need to reproduce in this context, just bust up other people's relationships, so that the other two parties find new stronger partnerships themselves.
Well let's put it this way, I know the answer to "What do you want"?

I certainly hope people don't find themselves asking "Who are you?" all the time if you are referring to what i believe you are referring to!
The Who had an album titled Who Are You?, so I guess they must have been allied with the Vorlons. Perhaps Roger Daltry replaced Jack The Ripper as the next Inquisitor.
I just had a bizzare thought - could you imagine Pete Townshend confronting a Vorlon - he'd probably smack his encounter-suited butt with his guitar!

And given that he wrote 'Who Are You' as a result of a drunken confrontation with London policeman, that's not such a crazy notion...

VORLON: "You do not understand!"
TOWNSHEND: "Oh, piss off you stupid git!" :D
I'd bet that if Pete had a Vorlon guitar to play in his windmill style, it would be an effective weapon against Shadows. :eek: :D
And instead of exploding pigs flying through the arena, you'd have flying Vorlon ships!

Mother do you think the Vorlons'll come?
Mother do you think they'll blot out the sun?
Mother do you think they'll try and kill us now?
Oooh, ah, mother should I join the Shadows now?
Well, that's the Pink Floyd, not The Who, but they can certainly be in our 60's rock and roll production of the Vorlons VS the Shadows. Why not? :D
Hey, I like that!

Babylon 5 - The Rock Opera

So ya, thought ya, might like to join with the Shadows.
To feel the warm thrill of confusion, with Keepers that grow.
Do you fear the Vorlons, sunshine?
Are they not what you expected to see?
If you want to find out what's behind their encounter suit,
You'll just have to rip them apart like warm fruit...
Well, you're doing pretty well with the lyrics, but if we could get Pete Townshend and Roger Waters to collaborate on it, I bet we'd finally have our B5 movie! JMS might not go along though... :LOL: ;)
Yeah, I agree JMS might not have this in mind for the long-awaited movie, but what about an off-Broadway musical? Or just a plain old-fashioned 1970's overbloated Prog Rock double album? Ah, those were the days! :)

But if Pete were writing the lyrics - well, they'd be a lot more direct...

I woke up in a small, dark hole, where an alien knew my name.
He said 'You can't get out of here boy, unless you give up your mortal ways'.
I staggered all around the place, with a fire near my hands,
I remember dropping a nuke down, and blowing up Z'ha'dum...
So who are you?

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