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Are Technomages the new Vorlons of the galaxy?



Vorlons: Mysterious, magical, wise and very helpful when they want to be.

Technomages: Mysterious, magical, wise and very helpful when they want to be.

Now that the Vorlons have gone beyond the rim, would you say that Technomages have replaced them as the galaxy's "wise ones?"

Nothing's the same anymore.

What about the Vindrizi: they know a lot and try to preserve it all... but under what circumstances are they willing to use their knowledge?

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There are some odd similarities, given their origins, aren't there?

Something tells me, however, that the technomages aren't a long-term fixture, and remember, they're not new. They've been around and doing what they do for 1000 years. They just choose to keep secret about it.

Something about a trilogy titled "The Passing of the Technomages" that leads me to believe that they'll soon either go back into hiding, or beyond the rim themselves, though I could be entirely wrong.

You only see them when they want to be seen.

"Expect me, when you see me."
No, technomages may start to serve the role of the vorlons, but the vorlons were so much more, I don't think you can even compare the two.

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Well, basically the way I see it is that the Vorlons are our "angels" and the technomages are, well... mages (wizards, magicians, etc), so they lack the religious awe factor that got attached to the Vorlons. The Vorlons manipulated us to see them that way - dazzling us with 'miracles' and the Technomages present themselves in a way that dazzles us with their magic, so I don't really think that they'll overlap too much - I don't really think that the mages are as interested in shaping the 'younger races' as the Vorlons were.

Have you been taking a philosophy course for the martial-artistically challenged?

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