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Archer Grows In Enterprise


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I just thought I'd post this article and present it as an opportunity for discussion.

Archer Grows In Enterprise

Maybe it's me having not seen most of season three, but when I picked back up watching with the last several episodes last season and in the two episodes this season so far, Archer seems like the same to me, like an almost stereotypical scifi show lead character.

Does anyone here think he's grown over the course of the show?
I haven't seen enough episodes to know whether he's grown. All I know is, every time I tune in, he seems aggitated, ticked off. Granted, I know he's got a stressful position, but most sci-fi leads seem to handle their situations with more composure and charisma. It's pretty disappointing. I loved Scott Bakula's performances in Quantum Leap, but he seems to be Captain Cardboard on Enterprise.
I personally don't like Scott Bakula at all, I think he was a burden to both Quantum Leap and to Enterprise.

He has actually grown as a character, he's more decisive now, IMHO. At first he was always politically correct, but, now, he is not above making serious threats, and also backing them up with action. The major part of this change, occurred, in my opinion, when the Xindi attacked Earth, setting up last Season's arc. When he threatened Silik in last week's episode, he also noticed it, "You've changed"!
I like Joanna...she'll be fun as T'Pol's mom.

Alexander's mother was K'Ehleyr, played by Suzy Plakson.

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