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AoG Miniatures


Beyond the rim
for those who know what AoG is, and who have seen the minis they make, here is my thoughts on them:

They're great

They cost way too much, it's a ripoff at the cost they charge for them, i was thinking of buying some, but the cost is outrageous.
I'd love the models (I've wanted little ship models for my favorite SF shows/movies for years - I got the Micro-Machine Star Trek and Star Wars sets [which were surprisingly more detailed than most Micro-machines] but didn't get into B5 until they were out of the stores mostly - and they still only did sets for season 1) to have and display - not sure I'd ever get into the game ... but I'd really love the books and the background they give on history and cultures and tech (I know there is a constant debate about how cannon they are but I would still like to read them - I could at least believe the information cannon until such time it's proven not). But even that gets pricey ....

At least I found a map AoG did of the B5 universe ... can't be completely accurate (two-dimension representation) and probably would end up being fairly problematic in places, but gives some nice references to how the B5 major areas might look ... and hey, I doubt it will easly be disproven except by JMS himselfy "No that's not the way it is" since even JMS hasn't really plotted on locations in space (whose distances seem to fluxuate often).
the thing with AoG is, they operate under the hand wave of JMS, and are not actually inspected and given canonicity, they get a meter, and run a mile with it. I have never played the game, but i do like the little ship miniatures, and would love to buy them all up, but they are so expensive, 14 dollars for an Omega /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif in the debates i have been in, i have shown my alliegence to the "AoG is full of Crap" group, i still am in that group, they have good mini's, but they are still full of crap.

If anyone would truly like to see the debate concerning AoG, go to b5tech.com's message board, but don't leave us in the process /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Yeah, I just like the miniatures to collect them caus' they look so cool. I have an Earth Cruiser, a Minbari Cruiser, a Whitestar, and a Shadow Battle crab.

I also have the Minbari Cruiser from when Micro machines made them.

I love the Star Trek micro machines, even though they don't make them anymore. /forums/images/icons/frown.gif I really wanna get the III number set, but it's really expensive on ebay (allmost 200 bucks usually), but it does have the enterprise-e in it.

Ah ... I got that ... happy happy!

Now I'm just perturbed I have a MM of all the Enterprises (and a few of some of them) except NX-01! *sigh*
back a few years ago, i had over 100 micro machines from St, SW, and other space type ships and the like, but i never knew they made B5 ones till a few days ago.

You got a shadow battlecrab, or a "Dreadnaught" /forums/images/icons/rolleyes.gif
ahhh I hate you Lodhan! my best miniature is either the Defiant or the future Enterprise. Those are my favs. I really want Voyager too, but its sells for over 40 buck online...crazy expensive. I hope MM makes some trek ones for Nemisis. That would be cool.

yeah, i'd like to get my hands on the Enterprise E and another special ship in that film...
yeah....and if you pressed a button it would cloak....which is technologically impossible...but I can still dream.

oh, BTW, AoG makes a Warlock Destroyer...which I can't afford. But I think it goes for pretty cheap on ebay.

not impossible, improbable, and way beyond our current tech levels, but could be done in the future, the theory is sound.
Heh, sorry - I was quite advid about collecting them. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif I got some Star Wars but not all - especially not when Star Wars MM started doing "gold" versions (same thing but with only gold paint - thus fewer colours) and the same ships but with slightly different paint (like a box of Red 7, Red 5, etc).

Yeah, I just remembered about B5 ... they originally did B5 in sets of 3 like Star Wars and Star Trek. A few years later they came back out in sets of 1 for some unknown reason. By the time I got into B5 I couldn't find them anymore - save for one set of 3 in Toys R Us - the set which had a Centauri passenger liner, a Narn warship (which we only saw the opening of "Midnight on the Firing Line") and an EA atmospheric shuttle. I really would have loved to get a Sharlin and even more some ships from later season.

I used to think of what MM sets could come out with ships and vehicles from the stories I have that I've written or would write. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

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