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Anyone Read SW III Novel or Grphc Nvl ? (SPOILERS)

Warning: This topic may contain SPOILERS about Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith !!!...

I skimmed through the Star Wars 3 novel & graphic novel at Barnes & Noble this past weekend. The novel does a somewhat good job of describing certain characters in detail, although in places it does so very blatantly in an almost omniscient narrator sort of way (thus breaking the rule, "show, don't tell").

I'm a little reassured by the way both the book and the graphic novel describe Anakin's amputations and lava burns. I've always been skeptical about the idea of Anakin being submersed in lava and still surviving, no matter how powerful the Force is in him. To me lava is just too primal of a force. If I interpreted my skimming thru them correctly, I think the burns are caused more by vicinity to the lava and not necessarily taking a dip in it. Also, it appears the lava may not be the direct cause of Anakin losing some of this other limbs.

From what little else I could tell, Anakin's motivation for betrayal may be centered around Padme, newborns Luke and Leia barely make an appearance, the intention of mindwiping C-3PO seems to be a throwaway line, and it looks like R2-D2's need for a mindwipe was overlooked.

I have a feeling this movie is going to feel very mechanical. There are certain things it has to get done, such as the turning of Anakin, the reveal of the Emperor, the handing off of Luke and Leia, and it does them. But, it's debatable whether the drama will be any good. I thought it was an interesting twist in Ep. 2 to see the Storm Troopers originally being used by the good guys. Somehow, I doubt there will be very interesting twists in this one.

The movie will no doubt make money, and despite my grumpy sense of skepticism, I will probably take a day off work to see it first day just like thousands of others. But, the critical success of the movie is going to depend on the performances, to elevate the story to something greater, and the past two movies don't really prove those performances are there. Excellent actors; but the roles seem to hold them back.

Has anyone else actually read the book or graphic novel all the way through? I'm curious what you think about it. Also, since I skimmed and skipped around, did I miss anything good or misinterpret anything I'm already complaining about?