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Anyone interested in a B5 Online RPG?



For all you who frequent the SciFi B5 BBoards, you know me as that hilariously funny kid (honest! /forums/images/icons/grin.gif ) who posts too much. the rest of you, just take my word on the funny part /forums/images/icons/cool.gif .

A friend of mine (I should say some stalker I met on the internet that I talk to all the time...) is a huge fan of B5, almost to the same extent as myself and all you BBoard posters. A while back, we were joking about a B5 RPG, and what we'd put into it. Well, he's decided to actually make the site, and now he wants me to ask you all your opinions (See, he does actual work, I sit around on my butt and play Grand Theft Auto III and Warcraft III all day, occassionally posting on the BBoards. Isn't life wonderful?). Basically, it's a freeform RPG. There is a main plot, but characters are free to engage in their own quests as well. If you want, you could completely disregard the main plot the entire time, though I wouldn't recommend it.

What we have so far is nothing but ideas for our site and plotline.
the plot is that The Hand has come to our galaxy, though no one has seen them yet. Most believe that either there is no "Hand", or their power was nothing more than a lie made up by themselves. However, when a large Minbari fleet is defeated--and a planet completely ravaged--by an unknown enemy, the naysayers are forced to reevaluate the situation. It is quickly discovered that an ancient enemy has returned, unlike anyone the galaxy has ever enocuntered before. The Hand could steal the Shadows' lunch money. Get ready for on hell of a fight... (insert dramatic music)
What we want to know is:

What options should there be for customizing your character? We already have pretty much any race mentioned in the series, but we're (meaning my friend /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif ) working on classes. Currently, you can choose from: [*]Anla'Shok [*]Telepath (Normal or Rogue) [*]Soldier/Warrior Caste [*]Preist/Religious Caste [*]Worker Caste [*]Captain (Any Race, almost any ship) [*]Thief/Lower Level Creep
What available classes would you like to see?
This RPG will run a lot like the one I've been trying to get you SciFi people to join, Revenge of the Sith, only it's B5, not Star Wars. To join, you give us (meaning my friend) your name and email, and the specs on your character, such as:
Name, Race, Sex, Telepathic Ability, Affiliation (complicated), Background Story, and Appearance.
Anything you'd like to tell us is appreciated, so try and help us (meaning us, for a change) out! Even if just to tell us we blow flaming monkey chunks, send us feedback!! We *need* feedback! It's what's for dinner, and you wouldn't want us to go hungry... Just write replies called "feedback" with no actual writing inside for all I care!! Just kidding about that last part, by the way.
With any luck, I'll actually be more involved with this someday, and can sign you all up, since I *know* you want to. Right?

To sum it up, there are three things we desparately need:
<ul type="square"> [*]Site Designers [*]Feedback [*]Money OR Caffeinated Donations /forums/images/icons/grin.gif [/list]

Most important, however, is the site designers. Kosh_Narakesh has already volunteered to help on graphics and images for the site, but that is all we have. Of paramount importance is someone who can do HTLM code and JavaScript. I can do HTML, but JavaScript is too much for even my *enormous* brain /forums/images/icons/grin.gif . If you feel you can help in any way, just reply.