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Anyone else watching the spiderman series on MTV?

I've only caught a few episodes and this only because Brian Micheal Bendis is lending his hand to it. He is awsome..He's right up there with JMS in comics.
The bits I've seen haven't been enough to get me to watch it. You just can't beat the 90s Spider-Man toon. THAT was some good watchin'.

Also, it's on frelling MTV. That eats up most of the show's credibility right there. And add the fact that it doesn't look all that great, and matters get a bit worse. And I have NEVER liked modernized versions of old properties. I'll accept gradual modernization, since that's something that is needed every now and then, but I just don't like it when old properties are redone. Kinda like that horrendus X-Men: Evolution. But I'm going off on a rant, and I don't particularly feel like trying to keep it running. Also, I can feel my ability to keep things nice and COHERENT slipping away. Fah...

*wanders off*
I've seen most of them and I'm not really impressed. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the computer graphics... sure, it works well with Grand Theft Auto, probably because I'm too involved in playing the game to really care... but as a 30-minute show? I dunno. Frankly, I would have loved to have seen some animation along the lines of Cowboy Bebop. I can't really say anything negative or positive about the stories themselves, but the producers have really made some poor choices in voice actors.
I love the elctricity bad-guy the way his life was reminds me much of mine...now if only I could get super-powers such as that...
The cartoon isn't that great but they are trying to tie it into the hot-selling Ultimate Spiderman comic book. The comic book is much much better than the cartoon. I recommend it to anyone who loves Spiderman, that and The Amazing Spiderman that JMS is writing as well and soon Kevin Smith will be taking over the writing duties.
I saw it last night and it wasn't too bad. The animation is cool (although I wish it wasn't so cartoony). I also think the writers need to get it together a bit. They're trying to appeal to more than one audience with their scripts and it's just not working.

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