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Anybody Here Watch "The Class" ?


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It's up for an a People's Choice Award, and you can vote here:

It's under Favorite New TV Comedy, and voting is allowed once per day.

I hope it doesn't get cancelled, but that's likely given this news story:

Maybe if it wins an award, CBS ~might~ give it more of a chance. <fingers crossed>

People seem to want to compare it to "Friends" and then say it isn't as good, or it's a clone and we've seen all this before, yada, yada, yada. Personally, I quit watching Friends in about the third season (lost interest) , but I'm not tiring of the quirky humor in this show at all. The next airing is on Monday January 8th on CBS. So far, Kat (hot and interesting, :D ) is my favorite character, but I like almost all of them.

See also:
Well, The Class WON for Best New Comedy. :D

To bad that Jason Ritter can't do an acceptance speech to save his life, nobody else said anything, and Lizzy Caplan was hidden behind him practically the whole time.

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